It Took Two Videos To Cover Everything Wrong With Age Of Extinction

I avoided seeing Transformers: Age of Extinction in theatres or on Blu-ray specifically so my first taste of the film would be CinemaSins‘ “Everything Wrong With” take. I am not disappointed.

I’ve been mercilessly riding Yannick LeJacq about this movie ever since he posted an article titled “Leave Michael Bay Alone, Transformers Is Awesome.” Long-time readers will understand how the article title alone is the antithesis of everything I stand for. Still, there was the off-chance that Yannick may have been right, and that this time every element had fallen into place.

Hahahahahaha. Nope.

Yes, I realise the pair of videos was posted on Friday, and that by now it’s been all over the front page of YouTube and I’m a horrible person. My weekends are Thursday and Friday, so technically this is Tuesday. That somehow makes it alright.


  • Might as well watch the actual movie. I watched it on the weekend. It was just plain rubbish. I’m really tempted to dump it into the category of the room and birdemic, but nothing could be that bad.

    But it was.

    I don’t know, but I do know it was crap.

    • My 10 year old son loves EVERYTHING Transformers. He sat through 1 – 3 and loved them.

      We sat through extinction two days ago and when we chatted while playing Borderlands Prequel (awesome!), he said at the end ‘That sucked. The Dinobots weren’t in it long enough. Optimus was mean. The movie was wrong, it didn’t show the Autobots being Autobots. Why was Galvatron even in it???’

      When a 10 year old picks that up straight away, damn…

      • My sons’ criticism of Man of Steel was strikingly similar, the hero was mean, didn’t show enough OS Superman being Superman. They didn’t say the ending sucked in exact terms, but one asked when the movie would be finished, and eventually the other wanted to know “can we go now?”

        • I don’t get this whole ‘mean attitude’ that’s invading a lot of properties now. I loved MOS but won’t deny Superman definitely had the wrong attitude. Apparently they’re addressing and fixing that in BvS but still, he shouldn’t have been a grumpy prick in MoS.

          • It’s like hollywood is going through a teenage phase. Super self serious, trying really hard to be gritty and dark and all grown up in order to get taken extra serious. Died black hair, earphones in, listening to Maralyn Manson, etc

            I don’t mind a dark gritty adaption, but damn, there s nothing wrong with having stuff be good old innocent fun.

            Nolan’s Batman films have cast a very long, high grossing shadow (I’m assuming they’re the reason for all this dark and gritty flavour).

    • Ha ha ha! The Room and Birdemic – soooo bad. You probably know there’s a sequel to Birdemic. If not, don’t bother, more of the same.

      If TF 4 is that bad then I’ll wait until we have another bad movie night to watch it. Such disappoint Michael Bay (again).

      • It really is. It’s got a cool badguy, seriously but the rest is a case of ‘What the fuck?’ Deus Ex Machina abounds everywhere. Everywhere. Plot elements are never even tied up, just left wide open never to be acknowledged, Galvatron is just a snorefest with no actual reason to BE in the movie for instance. And yay. Galvatrons a freakin TRUCK. A TRUCK. Coulda been anything, but he’s a truck.

        • It’s really sad that this franchise has been treated this way. So much potential wasted 🙁

          I agree with the Ed Wood comment you’ve made below. The only real similarity they share is that they both make dodgy movies. So I guess he’s a dodgy filmmaker but WITHOUT the so good it’s bad edge and a lot bigger budget than Ed Wood. I think it’s funny that the movie about Ed Wood is far better than anything he actually produced (and anything Michael bay produced for that matter).

          And yeah, I suppose I didn’t mind the 4 movies you mentioned. I can handle those when I’m in the right frame of mind.

      • Maybe I was a little harsh, I don’t know. The movie is about as good as The Box. Or the button, I forget what it’s called and I don’t want to remember that one.

        Didn’t know there was a sequal to birdemic. It looks so so bad. I will have to watch it some time. I’ve seen the room and that was just I don’t know how to put it into words.

        • I’m sure I will eventually check it out, just out of curiosity at least. I haven’t seen the box (or the button). I’ll look into for one of my bad movie nights (along with Samurai Cop!)

          I’d have to say Birdemic is actually worse than The Room. The Room had SOME production values whereas Birdemic looked like it was a poorly made student film. I could probably do better animation and the audio is the most horrendous I’ve ever heard in a movie. Although limited, I can’t believe it actually got a theatrical release. I guess it’s hilariously bad but still a little difficult to get through.

    • So much so….

      In fact, I don’t even have I watch the film now since those 3 round summed up everything we have come to expect from these films

    • In twenty years, people will look back at Bay as the Ed Wood of our time no joke, with some weird Rose Coloured glasses that tells them ‘most of his films were good in an ironic way’…

      No. They weren’t. Only 2 or 3 were. The Rock, Bad Boys 1 and 2 and possibly Armageddon in a so terrible its good way.

      • Not everything he touches turns to shit. I was really surprised to see his name in the credits for Pain & Gain, Black Sails and The Purge : Anarchy.

      • The thing is, Bay knows how to shoot a movie. Say what you will about the plot and actors but from a visual and audio prospective; he knows what he’s doing.

        • Yep, visually he’s one of the best in the business. It’s just his scripts, characters, plot… if you paired someone like Bay with someone like Ben Affleck who writes *amazing* characters and plots, you’d have a very interesting movie.

        • He knows what he’s doing from a visual perspective? You can’t tell what’s going on in the fights, at least half the time.

          • He fixed that in TF4, brightly coloured characters and long shots showing the action. The days of a junkyard in a tumble dryer are finally over.

          • Well, I guess that’s something. I was hopeful that Mark Wahlberg could salvage something. Surely he’s better than Shia Laboofhead? (I haven’t watched these videos yet)

          • Soo…. it only took him *four* goes to fix that glaring issue that I’m seeing a live DBZ fight scene involving robots.. (ie. lots of blurring and flashing and nothing else to see because reasons)

            Goody! Maybe by no. 10 he may move on to actual plots besides “Autobots arrive, Humans tell autobots to piss off, autobots maybe died… world gets screwed, people scream save us autobots!.. and then humans promptly forget how screwed they got and tell autobots to piss of again… renewing the cycle!

          • I doubt we’ll see a Transformers Movie that you would call a good movie. The plot is wreck, and the movie is just more things hitting the pile up.

          • hahah… look to be fair I don’t really expect much “plot” from a movie involving giant robots beating the crap out of each other.

            But I mean come on… 3 out of 4 movies had literally the exact same plot which I mentioned. It’s like the world has global amnesia about the giant robots saving us until the next crap storm hits! Basic to minimal plot I can take on action film… but a literal plot recycle is a whole new ball game of lazy

  • I’ve stopped watching these videos. While some of the stuff is legitimate, other times they pick at stuff that’s not actually an issue, or they make a joke about something in the movie and count that as a “sin”.

    I’m not saying this movie isn’t full of wrong (I haven’t seen it though), all I’m saying is that these videos really aren’t enjoyable anymore.

    • So true.
      Their early videos actually showed movie mistakes, now they are just “trying” to be funny.
      Eg DC Comics logo comes up – ding! + 1 Sin.

    • I’m saying is that these videos have really aren’t enjoyable anymore.

      Aside from the typo (+1 sin), you mean that you don’t find them enjoyable, not that they aren’t enjoyable at all. I really enjoy the nitpicking (crazy prices for stuff in the background) minor continuity gaffs (like walls changing, people running from directions they couldn’t have come from) and the running gags.

      If you want a boring, fully serious video talking about the big, serious errors, that’s fine, but if you want’that, look elsewhere. Don’t judge something made for entertainment against something else. As they say in the video where they give themselves sins: “We’re not reviewers. We’re assholes.”

      • Fixed the typo, thanks 🙂

        I do realise the videos are made for entertainment, but I’m not being entertained by them anymore.

  • What, transformers 4 was so bad, it got 2 ‘everything wrong with’ videos, wow, that is a whole lot of hate for a michael bay film, but i predict with transformers 5 & 6, there will be 3 videos for 5, 4 videos for 6. In other words, i predict that michael bay will make the sequels worse

  • They’re not that bad for trashy summer movies. I mean yeah they’re not great movies by any stretch of the imagination, they’re mindless action movies. The writing is about 500 Million times better than the original G1 cartoon, but it’s not too difficult to be much better than 80s cartoon writing.

    • I beg to differ, the G1 Cartoon while not that great managed to tell a more concise and logical story then any of the movies and each episode didn’t counteract the episode before it.

      • B.O.T. would like a word with you. So would a Decepticon Raider in King Arthur’s Court. You should probably go re-watch G1 :p

  • I remember seeing the scene with the random chinese guy in the elevator and saying “I bet this guy is gonna start fighting, coz clearly every chinese person knows kung-fu in Hong Kong according to Michael bay”. Sure enough, everybody starts Kung Fu fighting.

  • “Incase you thought Texas could be anywhere else…”

    Like Queensland Australia maybe? Dude… it’s a tiny place but there’s many places named the same thing, such as another Brisbane for instance in England. *sigh*

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