It’s Not A New F-Zero, But It’s Damn Close

It’s Not A New F-Zero, But It’s Damn Close
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Red:Out is fast. Red:Out is the daredevil speed demon lovechild of futuristic racing classics F-Zero and WipeOut. Developer 34BigThings explained:

“‘Redout’: a condition experienced by pilots in which blood is forced to the head and results in a reddening of the field of vision during maneuvers that produce a negative gravity force. Also, the fastest arcade racer since the good old days of F-Zero and WipEout.”

“It’s actually closer to F-Zero than WipEout. It’s not easy to explain without being able to put a controller in your hands, but the ship handling is very different. There will be more focus on racing rather than blasting other contenders, along the lines of POD and Trackmania. It will be really, really fast from the start.”

Apparently you’ll be able to move at 800km/h. So yeah, that kind of fast.

If all goes according to plan, it will be out in March on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That’s good news, except — rather unfortunately — for Nintendo fans, seeing as it’s not coming to their platform of choice and Nintendo doesn’t seem super stoked about the F-Zero series these days. It’s a shame too, seeing as F-Zero GX was brilliant.

There’s not much else to say right now, but here’s another video to tide you over. This one, presumably, was created to show off Red:Out’s top-of-the-line The Future Is Really Fucking Shiny tech. Or, you know, the speed again:

Thanks for the heads up, PCGamesN.


  • There’s also fast racing neo on the way.

    I’m glad this kind of racer is coming back, it’s been a wee while since f zero gx.

    • Oh hush, Wipeout is awesome, as is F-Zero 😛 … both itch a different scratch.

      This looks awesome though – it looks like it has the handling of a Wipeout title and the structure and flow of an F-Zero game. Graphics are beautiful so far, and it actually looks like the vehicle is hovering.

      I’m a sucker for futuristic racers, and this looks brilliant.

      • Heh, figured I’d end up with a response like that 😛

        But you’re right though. I’m sure WipEout is great, but I’m not a fan. Haven’t really liked what I’ve played, it doesn’t scratch any itch I’ve got. It also bugs me that the two are always compared to each other, I see it being more comparable to Extreme-G than F-Zero. Too much of an F-Zero fanboy, probably.

        I’m a bit iffy on how the handling looks, but here’s hoping for the best.

        • Haha, all good. I love the Wipeout series – particularly the first two, though the rest are great too. And I do love me some F=Zero. X and GX had brilliant multiplayer. I’ve never really associated the Wipeout series with multiplayer since I much prefer to play through them on my own 🙂

          Either way, there can honestly never be enough anti-grav racers in the market, so I welcome any and all with open arms! 😀

          • Have you checked out Radial-G? I spent a good while playing that, just trying to get as good an unbroken streak as I could, so I could go fast as possible. Some of the track layout was a little weird and jarring, but there were some definite glimmers there of crazy addictive fun (though dunno if that’s only down to playing on the Rift or it stands on its own as well). Looking forward to seeing how that one turns out.

          • Didn’t even know it existed! Checking it out now, cheers!!! 🙂

            EDIT: I remember reading about this now – I have to give it a spin – sans OR of course 🙂

  • Argh, this makes we want a Wipeout game on PS4 even more! I hope they can fine tune the controls, it looks a little too bouncy at the moment. Could be one to watch.

    • Looks like how I play F-Zero and Wipeout. There are stretches of maybe 10 seconds when I haven’t hit a wall, but that usually means I’m on easy.

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