The Next Justice League Movies Will Come Out In 2017

The Next Justice League Movies Will Come Out In 2017

If you’ve been wondering about the exact timeline for when Warner Bros would be expanding their cinematic universe based off DC Comics, then wonder no longer. Movies based off Suicide Squad, Justice League and Wonder Woman are coming in the next five years.

At a Warner Bros investor event today, where Wall Street Journal writer Ben Fritz is in attendance, executives revealed the timing for a slew of DC Comics-based films. The next production after 2015’s Batman v Superman will be Suicide Squad, which centres on villains forced to take on high-risk black ops missions for the government.

The Justice League and Wonder Woman movies are scheduled for 2017, with films based on The Flash and Aquaman in 2018 and Shazam and a Justice League sequel in 2019. Mention was also made of a Cyborg movie, a reboot for Green Lantern and standalone films for Batman and Superman. Of course, Hollywood film production schedules change all the time. But much is riding on the success of these movies, as Warner Bros. is looking to imitate the success that Marvel has had with its comic-book film franchises. SlashFilm has a lot more on the news, including the info that Zack Snyder will be directing the Justice League two-parter.


  • After watching the Arkham animated movie I believe a Suicide Squad movie could be awesome, hopefully they do a slightly better job than the animated movie as it kinda fell apart in places

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