Keep Your Shadow Of Mordor Combo Going Forever

Speaking of impressive Shadow of Mordorfeats, YouTuber Rabbit's Respawn has come up with a combination of power-enhancing runes which allows players to run the map in one potentially never-ending combo. 413 hits is just the beginning.

My first taste of Monolith's hit Middle-earth adventure only came this morning, so I've got a ways to go before I'm sporting runes like the one that increases your combo timer by 10 seconds or the one that adds a tick when you vault over objects — both essential for this technique to work. For now I'm just happy to survive.


    I'm having so much fun with this game - somehow it's made losing fun. I'm 12 hours and I've only done 2 main missions, it really is like a fully realised Assassins Creed

      Encounters with the Captains that they survive and can come back to you about is one of the things I miss about getting better and beating them if I have to. I miss that taunting or recognition they give. You don't get that if all you do is murder them and have them replaced by some new upstart who's never met you.

      You should totally play more main missions though, because after a while you REALLY get to play with dem Uruk politics. The 'branding' power is amazing.

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      Your short description push me over the 50/50 unsure stance. Console or PC is the next decision.

      Oh man you dont even have the ability to turn people to your own side yet!!. Personally I feel it takes too long before it lets you do that but my only complaint.

      My first death was awesome. I was jumping this one slave beater. I forgot his name, but then right as I pulverised him, another captain shot me in the back with his crossbow, and another 13 uruk surrounded me. It ended with me beating him bloody, but then was unable to kill him due to the orcs behind me, so he got his rage of defeat bonus, and before I knew it, I was on my knees, but the joysticks on the game pad I have suck, so I failed the QuickTime event, and took a bolt to the throat. The Archer gained one rank, but the asshole I nearly killed went up 2 ranks because of the power boost he got from fighting me. Then two of the cronies took their place

    Are mamy Aussies playing this? I was under the impression it was somewhat beimg boycotted due to the Steam price mysteriously going up by a substantial amount before release. (& not coz of early buy promo)

    this guys voice sounds like he's trying to sell me bourbon

      You should check out his other video's they're awesome.

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