Like The Most Epic Trials Track Of All Time... In Real Life

The beauty of the track design in Trials HD/Evolution/Fusion is that it's completely wild and outlandish, with jumps that would be impossible in real life, in locations that would be completely inaccessible. The latest video by the incredible trials cyclist Danny MacAskill basically pushes all those boundaries, cycling in an insane mountain range that basically feels like the craziest Trials track of all time.

Well it's less of a mountain range and more like a 'ridge', located near the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

Regardless, the cinematography, the music, and the actual riding skills all combine to make this a very special video indeed. Well worth watching.


    That was awesome, and amazingly pretty.

    That guys got balls of steel... either that or he's just freakin' insane.

    This guys helmet cam would make an awesome Oculus experience.

      The get the full experience, sit in front of a fan, to stimulate the breeze when he's on top of the mountains.

      Hopefully Criterion draws inspiration from this for their next game:

    Beautiful music and cinematography there.

    And as said above, absolute balls of steel. Climbing that thin ridge with a bicycle? Phew...

      Sure, but in the true spirit of trials, he should have climbed it on the bike. What a wimp!

    That was damn beautiful. Sure does make me want to go back to Scotland, really really badly.

    That was breathtaking. Beautiful video and great talent.

    This video was brought to you by my caffeine habit..... which I'm totally fine with [/sip]

    Danny MacAskill is the bomb, look him up on YouTube... plenty of other videos of his bike trickery. :)

    There's the 'Road Bike Party' videos too, which are pretty impressive.

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