Mario Kart 8 DLC Adds A Classic Stage

Mario Kart 8 DLC Adds a Classic Stage

Initially, Mario Kart 8 DLC looked like it was going to be yucky. But now it seems like it could be quite good, with Link, Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach. But there's more, including Yoshi Circuit from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

In this trailer, you can see how the course looks for Mario Kart 8. Not bad at all, if I must say.

Priced at US$8 and launching in November, the DLC comes with the three aforementioned characters (Link, Tanooki Mario, and Cat Peach), four vehicles (which you can see in the above clip), and eight tracks (including Yoshi Circuit).

The next bundle will feature Animal Crossing characters and is slated for May 2015. Until then!

マリオカート8 追加コンテンツ 第1弾にGC ヨッシーサーキット登場 [[email protected]]


    Yeah! One of my favorite levels!
    Hope I can still boost jump over the gap where his nose is. Best shortcut ever.

    Cant you localise the copy before you post these up guys? Even stuff like ...priced at US$8... just reminds us the majority of the articles are copy and paste.

    It was never going to be 'yucky' plunkett just wanted to have a whinge about a free dlc ad campaign.

      That Mercedes DLC was a little bit 'yucky' in a lot of people's opinions, to be fair. Everything else they've announced seems pretty tops though.

    I've already paid for both DLC packs, I just want them released now!
    Bit miffed that we have to wait until May for the 2nd set. Is anyone still going to be seriously playing the game by then?

      Yes, because there will be new tracks and Mario Kart is traditionally an evergreen title.

    Yesss my favourite track in DD! I never understood why did they not choose it for MKWii, or 8.

    The fact that these two dlcs doubles the original games tracks and cars for what $15 total is amazing. DLC done right Nintendo.

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