Mario Kart 8 DLC Adds Excitebike's Sweet Jumps

Nintendo's adding an Excitebike-themed arena to Mario Kart 8. Total no-brainer, right?

The incoming DLC packs for Mario Kart 8 will let players compete on a ramp-filled track that pays homage to the classic motocross franchise. This will be the same add-on that gives Link his too-cool Master Cycle, which will surely be a good fit for all the wheelie-ing on the new track. The sideways-view in the clip above really makes it look like a modern version of Excitebike, which you can see in its NES form below.


    Great to see Nintendo are finally doing things right. It's not enough to make me go back, but still, good on them.

      why was this downvoted so much?

        Good question. I'm praising Nintendo for finally coming out and releasing DLC.

        I grew up with Nintendo from their game & watches all the way to the Wii, but it was the Wii where I lost interest and grabbed a PS3 as a second console. I still love Nintendo, but I don't have the time for a second console, so I decided on a PS4. It's a personal choice, not a 'screw you Nintendo'

          I think if anyone can make cool DLC it's nintendo.
          Of course, we don't actually know yet. maybe they'll fuck up worse than any other company.
          but the MK8 DLC looks cool and hell if they make any new characters for Smash Bros Wii U, sign me up

    when the new zelda is released i'm gonna bite the bullet and get myself a wii u and mk8 - looks so funnnnnn

      do it brother. best thing you will do all year/day/month/whatever.

    Nintendo are really making sure that the DLC is worth spending the money on

    Super pumped for the DLC. It's gonna be sweet.

    I really hope they adjust some of the balance in the game while they are at it...heavy characters just seem to have too much of an advantage.

    Looks amazing, glad I've pre-purchased both packs!

    I haven't regretted buying a WiiU once, it's a brilliant console.

      yep I've had one since launch and I love it. I don't understand why it still has somewhat of a poor stigma attached to it.

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