Media Streaming App Plex Arrives On Xbox One

Media Streaming App Plex Arrives On Xbox One

A popular program for streaming personal media libraries from computers to media boxes and mobile devices, Plex launches on Xbox One (and Xbox 360) today, which means I’ll be moving the console back into the living room.

For ages I streamed music, movies and television shows from my PC to my Xbox 360, eventually moving to the PlayStation 3. When the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 hit the market, neither featured the robust sharing options I required, so I replaced my living room console with an Amazon Fire TV running a copy of Plex. Incredibly easy to set-up and capable of playing any format I’ve thrown at it, Plex has been my go-to ever since.

And now it’s on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, with a brand-new interface and voice and gesture support for navigating the collection of legally downloaded media I’ve amassed.

Media Streaming App Plex Arrives On Xbox One

The Plex app for Xbox One and 360 is a free download, however in order to run the latest version of Plex server on your computer you’ll need to pay for a Plex Pass. That’s a monthly $US4.99, yearly $US39.99 or $US149.99 for a lifetime subscription. Weighing the price against the convenience, it’s a wallet hit I’d be willing to take.

The Plex app is available in the Xbox marketplace. To read more about Plex and the whole Plex Pass dealio, visit the official website.


  • If they had of released this six months ago I’d probably have brought a lifetime pass, but the next XBOX One update should bring a slicker solution. Play To from Windows 7 or higher works really well it’s only held back by the limited file compatibility.
    I might give still give Plex a go in the meantime.

    • This would be why they sent an email out a while back saying “hey, price going up soon get in now!”.

  • Slightly misleading – Plex Media server is still free, only early access to new features requires Plex Pass…

    Plex Pass gives access to some extra features but if you’re just running a media server within your home network it’s not necessary. Nice and probably worth it, but not necessary.

    • …ah, I see that they’ve made it compulsory for xBox users. Never mind, as you were.

      • The early release is plex plass only, it will be released as a stand alone for a one off fee at some point.

  • oh yay. another direct debit.

    …isn’t xbox bringing out their own DLNA support ?

    **edit. i’ll be waiting for the free *light* version. already got a tbox for my media streaming atm.

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