Men Arrested For Smuggling Cocaine In Xbox Consoles

Men Arrested For Smuggling Cocaine In Xbox Consoles

Four young men have been arrested after they allegedly smuggled "kilos of cocaine" into the US stuffed inside some Xbox consoles. Officials with Homeland Security, US Customs and the Border Protection Office of Philadelphia say the accused have been bringing the cocaine into the United States from the Dominican Republic, hiding it in both Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles.

The men were arrested after police intercepted one of the shipments and posed undercover as they delivered it.

Don't they read the internet? This plan doesn't work!

4 Berks County Men Arrested for Smuggling Cocaine Inside Xbox Consoles [MSNBC, via Daily Dot]


    Hiding inside the original Xbox was their first mistake, nobody wanted them when they were new

      I think it was a stroke of genius. You could fit tonnes of the stuff inside and no one would be able to feel the difference either.

        Even more in those giant controllers!

    Clearly games have corrupted this man into trafficking drugs to fund his sick habit of mainlining grand theft autos and destinys into his eyeballs. What a vile disease video games are

      Too bad he can't use that defense it's quite brilliant, just plead insanity and say Nico made you do it..

    Should have used an Xbox One it's bigger than the Original and 360, plus he could have stuffed more into the Kinect!

    I would have to disagree with the assertion that this "doesn't work". Customs only scan a randomly selected proportion of items either with dogs or otherwise, and even then is far from perfect. I believe the proportion is somewhere around 10-15% of all items, and at times much lower depending on the volume being shipped at the time overall.

    And even then, in 99% of cases, they are able to maintain plausible deniability by simply denying they even ordered anything in the first place - even after you've signed for it/accepted delivery. ("I thought it was for my housemate as they weren't home but I checked later and they hadn't ordered anything so I just gave it to a friend").. In which case this is still a crime, but hardly one related to drug trafficking.

    I would assume in this case, the criminals opened the device first hand and removed the package while being monitored, or that it had some kind of embedded monitoring device, etc... But on the whole, this is how a huge quantity of drugs are moved on a daily basis and is unlikely to stop any time soon.

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