Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Is Coming To PC In December


    Such a long wait for such a short game

      That hopefully means that Phantom Pain won't be delayed too much longer on PC than the consoles, with the engines being similar.

      Exactly right. Luckily i also had a ps4 and grabbed this cheap second hand. Should look so much better or pc though.

    Oh man, for a second there I thought that the main game was coming in December.

    So this pretty much cements The Phantom Pain releasing on PC?

    Unless I have missed the official PC announcement but to be sure, Ground Zeroes relies on the other and in a way is completely pointless without The Phantom Pain to back it up...

    Oh well, I might actually pick it up for PC after all. I have it on PS4 but never bothered with it and have since loaned out the PS4 to a friend.

    No rush.

    The Phantom Pain looks AMAZING!!!

      It has been announced that MGSV: TPP is being released on PC. TGS or something it was announced.

    Runs at 1080/60 on the PS4, hopefully it will be properly put together on the PC.

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