Microsoft Isn't Satisfied With The Xbox One's Japanese Launch

Microsoft Isn't Satisfied with the Xbox One's Japanese Launch

Things are rough for the Xbox One in Japan! The launch was a disaster, and the weeks following have seen weaker and weaker sales. But, good news, Xbox Japan isn't ready to give up.

After selling a mere 23,562 Xbox One consoles at launch, Microsoft moved only 1314 consoles in its third week on sale.

When Japanese game magazine Famitsu asked Xbox Japan honcho Takashi Sensui if the company was satisfied with the current state of the Xbox One in Japan, he replied:

It's not as though we're satisfied with the current sales state. We hope to continue through taking user feedback and improving [the Xbox One] and offering content that everyone can enjoy. We are also aware that reaching out to let more people know about the Xbox One is vital. However, the current console generation has become very long. We hope to lay out a long-term vision and to focus on publicity for our console. Taking the first step was very important, and as for how to permeate the market from here, we hope to continue to do our best.

In the same interview, Phil Spencer, Microsoft's Xbox head, added that he thought the Xbox One in Japan would have a long road to spread the console throughout the region. He also stressed that both Japan and Japanese game creators were important to Microsoft and that the company would continue to strive to do its best in the country.

Sensui and Xbox Japan have a difficult task in front of them. Glad to know they're not tossing in the towel. Yet.

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Picture: Xbox Japan


    Part of me keeps thinking those sales are just non-Asian gamers who live in japan. :P

    That's a great staff photo.

    Just give up Microsoft, your in PlayStation territory. It's like a football team playing a away game and expecting the crowd to cheer for you.

      It's actually PORTABLE territory now.

      The PS4 and WiiU are sucking there too. The Xbox One is just sucking way harder.

        tushay, I should have done some research >.> 3ds seems to be dominating. Mayhaps Microsoft should make a handheld.

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