Naruto Fans Recreate Ninja Exams

Naruto Fans Recreate Ninja Exams

The long-running Japanese manga, Naruto, is coming to an end later this year. To celebrate its extensive run, a few university students in China's Guangdong province have recreated one of series' best story school-related story arcs!

Tencent's QQ Games news reports that at least 30 students got together to take part in the cosplay recreation. The students were looking to recreate the Chūnin exams, where the characters in Naruto, also students, compete to become a higher level of ninja.

Naruto Fans Recreate Ninja Exams

Tencent's reporter writes that the students wanted to do something big before the manga ends its run on November 10.

Not only did the students cosplay as the titular Naruto and his teammates Sakura and Sasuke, there were also students dressed as random teachers and test monitors.

Naruto Fans Recreate Ninja Exams

To make the cosplay "closer" to the source material, they were also given ninja test questions. Tencent quotes one cosplayer saying that the questions on the test were pretty hard. That said, the test in the anime was meant to test the student ninja's ability to cheat.

Naruto Fans Recreate Ninja Exams

Naruto first appeared in Japan's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1999. Both the manga and the animation have reached incredible levels of popularity in the Chinese speaking markets of Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. The series has also spawned a series of video games in China, including officially sanctioned ones. Tencent is operating a Naruto online game slated for public launch in November.

火影迷自发组织中忍考试:弥补未完成的故事桥段 [QQ Games]


    Awesome effort, but does it strike anyone as unusual that both Sasuke and Naruto's outfit are from Shippuuden? Apart from that, damn fine effort!

      Looks like they're all from Shippuuden

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