NBA 2K15’s Face Technology Fails Miserably, Creates Monsters

NBA 2K15’s Face Technology Fails Miserably, Creates Monsters

NBA 2K15‘s face-scanning tech sure looked fancy when shown off last month. But now that it’s out it’s making creatures that shouldn’t exist in this world. Or any other.

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The latest entry in 2K Sports’ hoops series came out today and people are having a go with the technology that uses connected cameras to scan faces for character creation. The early results, as rounded up by SB Nation, are abominations.

Yeah, it came out screwed up but at least those folks got the game to read their facial data. Polygon’s Owen Good couldn’t even get the thing to work for him.


  • It’s amazing that so many developers still can’t get this feature anywhere near right. I think to this day the best face scan I’ve ever had is for Rainbow Six Vegas on the shitty 360 camera which was released a decade ago.
    My EA Sports Gameface looks phenomenal (within the limitations of my rude head) when scanned using the Gameface app on PC…. But then you put it into a game and it looks RIDICULOUS.

    FIFA gets it, ok….. just. EA Sports UFC on the other hand decided that for some reason I had red curly hair (I have short dark hair in real life, in the EA app and in FIFA) and the face looks nothing like me.

  • Yeah EA UFC was hilarious as my short beard threw it in a spin. I just looked like a muddy hobo.
    Tried the 2K15 one last night – not a great result at all. Toughest part is it goes to a white screen while scanning so you can’t exactly see if you are still in the field required. Then it tells you to turn your head a few times – vaguely.

  • This actually makes me want to purchase the game now. Create my own team of clones gone wrong. And also to create the infamous ass face

  • From what I’ve seen it works totally fine. You just need to follow the instructions and have a well and evenly lit area (best with natural light or lamps). A bit fiddly but some of the results I’ve seen look like they were professionally done. Some of the videos complaining about this aren’t even filling the guide box with their face. They are leaving blank space and thinking their whole head\neck\shoulders is their face.

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