New Civ Game Could Do With Some Old (And New!) Religions

New Civ Game Could Do With Some Old (And New!) Religions

The latest Civ title, Beyond Earth, is pretty good, even if parts of the game are a little more pedestrian than others. Maybe there’s a reason for that. Maybe all the game needed was a little more faith.

MetagamingAtLast has been poking through the game’s files, and found a few mentions of a religion mechanic. Religion and ideology are two of the biggest and most important aspects of a Civilisation V game, and while ideologies are in Beyond Earth (renamed as Affinities), there was no room for religion. At least at launch.

Maybe these are leftovers from an aspect of the game that was cut, maybe they’re placeholders for content coming later down the pipeline. Whichever, they’re clearly not leftovers from Civ V’s original code, seeing as they make specific mention of Beyond Earth-specific stuff.

Some of the possible religion names found are:

  • Church of the Void
  • Eden’s Light
  • The Cosmic Wheel
  • Hands of the First
  • The Mystic Flow
  • Chorus of Man
  • Deus Ex Machina
  • The Shepherds

Interestingly, while some are obviously very sci-fi and “new”, others contain words or terms (Eden, Shepherds) that link them to older faiths.

While there’s also a long list of bonuses and benefits associated with adopting various aspects of them (+1 Faith and Energy to Defence Perimeter, etc).

You can check them all out here.


    • Add-ons are inevitable, likely split into two parts. As much as I love Civ games, Firaxis are as bad as EA for stripping out features for a new game in the series and then selling it onto you as DLC/add-on a few months down the track just as sales start to dry up for the main game

      • I hope you are kidding? Firaxis need to get the base game right before they start adding in new features such as religion. There is a lot of tinkering needed in order to get tech progression and virtues right. Without a good base game to build off the series would be doomed.

        • 2010 just called and they want their anti-civ dislike back. thats what the haters were saying back then but look at at CiV now. Sure it will never match the near perfection of Civ IV (which in itself wasnt perfect at launch) yes I wish the old days were still here, when we used to buy full finished games but sadly those days are gone. pretty much all games these days take years to become FULL items…

          thats way i am laughing so much at all those people so quick to judge the new one, and crying the sky is falling. So its far from perfect, sure it does some really lame things but few games escape that these days.Time will tell, modders/players have been shaping the civ games after for years, this game will be no different

  • Those names are used for stations (basically independent trading posts). You don’t need to poke around in the game files to find them because they’re mentioned in the game.

  • I prefer it not to have religion personally I really don’t think it would add anything to the game.

  • Religion was indeed a feature early on in development but was soon cut. Exactly why I have no idea.

  • I think religions would still be there. I mean you can clearly see the ships etc being blessed before they leave and the odds are high that there were religious people / leaders who were sent on this mission as well. i doubt religion would have just disappeared entirely. Religion was an interesting aspect of Civ V.

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