New Minecraft LEGO Kinda Misses The Point Of LEGO

New Minecraft LEGO Kinda Misses The Point Of LEGO

While there have always been jokes about Minecraft LEGO — the toys have done much of what the game does for decades without its help, thanks — this new set takes things to a whole new level of "wha huh?".

It's called a Minecraft Crafting Box. It's a box full of LEGO pieces. The box art says "Build your own creations!"

You know, just like... ah, forget it.

The box contains instructions to build 8 different scenes, and yes, while it's kinda sad that this is a licensed box doing what LEGO already does, being sold as some kind of big deal, it does include specific Minecraft pieces, as well as a cool chart that compares actual Minecraft elements to the LEGO pieces in the box.

You can read more about this weird new set at Brothers Brick, where they also take it to task for including official images that break the rules of what's allowed in Minecraft.

    Don't really see the difference? Just Minecraft themed pieces.

    Wait... so..... wait, Lego themed after a thing themed after Lego?

    I just..... you can't just do th....

    What is this world coming to?
    *Sips whiskey from an upturned Duplo*

      I'm still coming to terms with the Lego Batman and Lego Lord of the Rings games. Like that they exist.

        My son has been playing lego batman 2
        Fairly entertaining
        But he is 6
        Abd I dont mind joinin in.

        Its more fun than dean island

        Lego Batman movie on the way as well.
        Yes, it's a thing.

          What if they did a live action version of the Lego Batman franchise? Would that just be Batman?

      Wait til you snag yourself a box of The Lego Movie Lego.......

      *pours a double Duplo shot to numb the pain*

        So true. When I first saw Lego the Movie Lego sets I was like "so its just Lego themed Lego?"

    This is friggen weird. There's a story Burnie from Roosterteeth likes to talk about where people who had just launched a LEGO game focused on doing what you want, happened at about the same time that Minecraft was gaining popularity. To the point that one of the developers was looking at a monitor and said, "Well... fuck...". Several months later the servers for their LEGO game close down.

    So now they're acting like Minecraft kind of started this whole thing and are jumping at the idea. Even the movie managed to keep true to the spirit.

      Oh yeah, I remember there was that Lego MMO. Was more MMO than Lego.

    I can't wait to recreate my basic five by five hut wooden hut in lego form.

    It's a bit like Dalek Mr Potato Head with more pieces

    Bugger. For the past three years I have been trying to get my son off the PC from Minecraft back to his extensive LEGO collection. I feel I will havento get this simply to help manage his screen time....

    I'm still waiting for my Lego edition Mechano.

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