Newbie Lessons Learnt After A Few More Hours Playing Diablo III

Newbie Lessons Learned After A Few More Hours Playing Diablo III

Following a four-hour Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition online co-op session with Kirk Hamilton last night (I'm a Demon Hunter, expert difficulty, was at level 50 and at the end of Act III) and still being a novice to the whole thing...

  • Expert difficulty level is too easy for level-50 characters. (We switched to Master after beating Diablo at the end of Act IV; I think it was inaccessible before then.)
  • Master difficulty isn't that tough for two level 50s, either!
  • Gems are indeed great. OK. I'll keep crafting them.
  • The blacksmith is actually useful! The level 51 bow I forged with him was about double the power of any other bow I had in my inventory. I am going to forge like crazy from now on.
  • I am not sold, though, on crafting Legendary items. I got a blueprint for one, and the resulting crossbow was sub-par.
  • I still don't understand the point of the merchants. They sell weak stuff. That's not a lesson learned, I guess. Just confusion.
  • All those sigils and shapes I'm unlocking is to create a cooler flag for myself? Not interested at all.
  • Act IV is the least interesting act in the base Diablo III game. The scenery is uninteresting and the gameplay tasks over the tipping point of tedious that the rest of Diablo III fails to fall over.
  • Act V's art direction is phenomenal.
  • The rainbow-coloured bonus area with the My Little Pony and Care Bear stand-ins is an XP farm. Awesome.
  • Chain of Torment and Polar Station sentries are equally awesome, as is the power to lay trails of fire as you somersault through crowds of enemies.
  • If Diablo III is the great game and Too Human was the not-so-great game, then it is a sad state of affairs that only the latter lets me auto-sell items that are under a certain quality. Blizzard, you're wasting too much of my time with all this inventory management. I don't want crappy gear. Can we not just auto-salvage items below set thresholds? Come on!
  • I should probably Google what the ++++ stats mean, because I still don't get that. OK. Done... Oh. Yeah, I should have guessed that.
  • Dare I say that dying all my gear blue was cool? Oh, god. Now I'm going to be obsessing over which dyes I apply to my gear?

All in all, a very educational session. Laugh at me if you want. I'm still very new to the world of Diablo gaming! I should probably re-read Fahey's tips.


    "Can we not just auto-salvage items below set thresholds? Come on!"

    I'm not sure if it's just Adventure Mode, but you can salvage all items of a specific class (white, blue or yellow) in one click at the blacksmith. MUCH more useful than selling since you'll need a lot of crafting items to re-roll (enchant an item, replacing or improving one of its stats) your gear.

    I've only ever found the merchants worth anything at all during the first ten levels of a character (especially in ladder), after that, the only ones you'll care about are the ones that sell dyes and the little girl in act II who has Wirt's bell and sells some legendary recipes.
    Crafting regular legendaries generally isn't worth it because most of the craftables aren't that great, the only legendaries really worth crafting are the green set ones and even then the class specific set armor can't be crafted anyway.

    The auto salvage buttons added in patch 2.1 solve your problem. You can salvage all items of a particular rarity excluding legendaries.

      How did I not notice this?!

        It is only available once you have leveled your blacksmith completely. So of makes sense because until then you probably should be checking all rare drops.

      is 2.1 even on consoles yet?

        It got released a few days ago for PS4/XBone, but I think they pretty much said that it won't hit last gen consoles (nor will there be future patch support)

          oh cool, haven't fired it up on ps4 for a few weeks :( really wanna get back into it

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