Nintendo Might Be Making Money Again

Nintendo Might Be Making Money Again

After what seemed like a truly difficult period, Nintendo looks like it could turn its first yearly profit in four years.

According to Reuters, Nintendo revealed that it turned a 9.3 billion yen ($US86.1 million) operating profit during the period starting in July and ending in September. Reuters adds that analysts, however, were expecting a 3.7 billion yen loss. That doesn't seem to have happened!

Nintendo says it's still on track for a 40 billion yen ($US370 million) annual profit.

Picture: Bloomberg via Getty Images

Nintendo Q2 beats forecasts, says on track for full-year profit [Reuters]


    So... Nintendo IS making money again. Unless their accountant is cooking the books, that is.

    As a fanboy the need to dump the Wii U and build a solid gaming PC

    The Wii U is friggin awesome. So many great games.....

    Bayou 1&2?

    Best. Games. Ever.

      Not doubting it's got great games. Just not enough of them.

    Assassins Creed Unity
    Metal Gear Solid 5
    Far Cry 4
    Uncharted 4
    Batman Arkham 3

    Yep... Im really excited for what Nintendo are doing in 2015... can't wait to play that new Zelda game in 2016.

    Last edited 30/10/14 8:05 am

      Yoshis wooly world
      Mario maker
      Project giant robot
      Kirby and the canvas curse
      Project guard
      Xenoblade chronicles X
      Shin megami tensei x fire emblem

        I thought a bunch of those were 2016? Anyway I have a wii u and haven't played it in awhile now. I don't really see how anyone could follow gaming and have a wii u as their only platform at all. Missing out on too many good multi plats I think. Good as a second console though and it has some games that my girlfriend is happy to play multi player on where as she won't touch any of my other consoles (besides the 3ds for professor layton).

          It's pretty easy. Most of the multiplats hold very little interest to me. Eg everything in bickles' post above, even if they were on Wii U I wouldn't buy them.

          PC for multiplatform titles. Everyone wins.

            Yeah that's my point too, as someone who is really into video games I don't think I could have a wii u exclusively as my only platform. Would need a pc/xbox/ps4 for the multi plats as that's such a large portion of gaming today that I couldn't do with out.

              Oh, okay. My point is that all the consoles are crap but if I had to choose a console to complement my PC it would be the Wii U; minimal overlap in games, plays games first and foremost.

        And you're forgetting Smash Bros in 2014, which I will still be playing in 2015, 2016, 2017...

    Awh, well that's good news. :)

    I haven't played Nintendo consoles since the SNES, so I've missed out on three generations worth of nostalgia. (Apparently there are legions of people with fond childhood (Jesus) memories of zelda games after they stopped following a numeric sequence! Baffling. And Mario peaked at 3 on the NES, for me, with a grudging nod toward Super Mario Land, and Yoshi's Island.)

    Nothing on the console usually excites me, because it's hard to get excited about another new Mario/Zelda/Smash bros game. I could buy a Nintendo, but there's precious little on there I'd actually be excited to play. The people who buy Nintendo consoles are pretty much just the people who enjoy Nintendo games.

    But despite being a Nintendo ex-pat, I fought for Nintendo in the Console Wars, and I'm glad they're surviving better than brave warriors Sega. No matter what was said or done out of emnity at the time... Sega deserved better than that.

    Last edited 30/10/14 9:42 am

      All of my hype right now is focused on Smash. I just hope they release a special Wii U combo version with decals and stuff so that it looks awesome.

    This can't possibly be accurate. Everybody knows that Nintendo are on a long, uninterruptable path towards liquidation!

    Good on 'em I say - while I'm not generally a fan of the Nintendo franchises, every generation they release a few excellent games that the world would not have seen otherwise.

    making everyone re-buy new hardware because their first party games dont run can hardly be called "making money"

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