No Xbox One Price Cut For Australia

No Xbox One Price Cut For Australia

As you may have heard this morning, the Kinect-less Xbox One is receiving a holiday-focused price cut of $50 starting on November 2. This applies to its Assassin’s Creed Unity bundle and its Sunset Overdrive bundle. We’ve just confirmed with Microsoft’s local representatives and sadly Australians will not be offered the same deal.

The deal is, apparently, a US only deal and Microsoft Australia has no further plans to announce at this time. I would suggest however, that a price drop in one region usually indicates that price drops in other regions will come at some point in the near future, perhaps just not before Christmas in this case.

For those of you that are looking to pick up an Xbox One, there are obviously bundles you can check out. EB Games, for example is currently selling a Kinect-less console with FIFA 15, Titanfall and Forza 5 for $529. JB Hi-Fi is selling a Kinect-less bundle featuring Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for $499. So options are out there.


  • Might of bought another one if it was $50 cheaper for the computer desk. With digital purchases and game sharing I’d be keen.

    Not now, lol.

      • That is until master chief collection comes out…

        Also guys BigW and JBHIFI have other really good deals do have a look some include 4 games etc!

        • If people want the Kinect with the Xbox One they can get a (decent) deal at Kmart for $498, not too bad considering every other store I know of sells the Kinect-less Xbox One at a minimum of $500.

      • As a young person on a good income and little debt there is nothing in this console that I can’t get in my PS4 I want. Well now anyway maybe in a year I might look at it.

        • As an old person with disposable income this helped me decide that I will instead upgrade the video card so I can run 4k smoothly and spoil my eyes with candy. God I love steam streaming to my big tv as well – so spoilt for choice.

        • Both consoles admittedly provide a near identical experience with each one only offering slight niches UI and/or certain features over the other. No console is greater than the other, other than subjectively.

          replace PS4 with XBone and your sentence still works. Don’t be picky, buy all the consoles.

  • Though I really want to play Sunset Overdrive, I think I’ll probably wait until sometime next year to look at one. Surely the price will have come down at least a little by then.

    • Yeah, I think it will be another year before I succumb to the Xbone, kind of want Halo, but that is mostly nostalgia, and there is nothing else all that compelling for me yet.
      Lots of stuff I wouldn’t ‘mind’ playing, but nothing I am hungry for.

  • Pretty sure they mentioned it was only a temporary US price cut over the holiday period, then back up to normal price. If so, I don’t think we should hold our breaths for an upcoming price cut here.

    • I’m also the kind of person that would buy a new console for a specific franchise.

      For me, that game would be Halo. Unfortunately I have little interest in following what 343i is doing with the franchise >:

      • I didn’t mind the Halo 4 campaign but it definitely didn’t feel like Bungie’s work – especially not a fan of that new third race they added and their weapon set. More importantly the multiplayer is wrong in so many ways. But I’m kind of hoping they’ve heard a lot of that feedback and that Halo 5 will be an improvement.

          • Kaiser, you know that’s not true. To this day people are still playing Halo Reach online (albeit a small population, as with most 4 year+ console games) and I know you’re an occassional player of the multiplayer.

          • I was talking about the TU focused playlists, which I have rarely seen reach double digit amount of players.
            (not counting BTB as there’s no real equivalent that doesn’t have the TU)

  • Answer 1) Australian Tax.
    Answer 2) I didn’t want to buy an Xbone anyway.
    Answer 3) …I wonder if this has anything to do with how popular a console is in a region? Supply and demand? Like if in America the sales figures were (predicted to be) better for PS4 than XBone, there might be more of an incentive for M$ to sweeten the deal based on region. Could just be an Aussie $ thing too.

  • “Well you’re all used to getting screwed over financially, of course we’re going to take advantage of that!”

  • To be fair, in the period since the launch, the AUD to USD exchange rate has tanked pretty significantly. Wouldn’t be surprised if you ran the numbers and found that we were paying less than the US when you factor out GST.

  • That’s Wack! But totally unsurprising. Consoles/games/accessories are always overpriced, and very rarely reduced to excitingly buy-worth prices (in Australia).

  • Aren’t we still waiting for some sort of price cut for it in Australia? its RRP is still the same as the day of release isn’t it? there are numerous XBONE and PS4 deals now floating around that are cheaper than the Mario Kart 8 official price bundle.

  • I suspect that if there is going to be a price cut, it will be closer to December, and Microsoft wont want to announce that right now so people dont hold off on buying an Xbone at the current price. Wait closer to Xmas for a better deal.

  • I know this is a late discussion but I was hoping someone here could help. I’m thinking of getting my husband an xbox one with the kinect for Xmas. Do you think there will be a price drop after Xmas or should I just get it now? EB games has it with 7 games for $599

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