Now Square Enix Is Suing SNK Playmore

Now, Square Enix Is Suing SNK Playmore

Back in August, Kotaku reported that SNK Playmore was taking Square Enix to court because High Score Girl, a manga Square Enix published, allegedly featured SNK characters without permission. Today, Square Enix announced it was now suing SNK.

As Square Enix states in an official release, it was bringing the lawsuit against SNK Playmore because it contests that the manga infringes on copyright. What's more, Square Enix also adds that it has been fully cooperating with the police, including a search of its headquarters, and will continue to do so.


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    I am confused. Are they suing SNK Playmore because they are contesting that Square Enix's manga infringes on copyright?

      Reading the link, it sounds like a motion to dismiss in the US courts, preferably with prejudice.

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