Off Topic: Are You Still Using Tablets?

Here's a question: are you still using your iPad, your Nexus 7, your [insert tablet here] to do anything?

I ask because of two reasons: a perceived lack of interest in the new iPad and the fact that I, personally, don't really use my own tablet (a Nexus 7) at all nowadays. I wondered if that was a trend that everyone had noticed or it was just a personal thing.

The argument from Apple with regards to the iPad was a sound one. People buy replace phones all the time but when it comes to tablets, they tend to buy one and stick with it — more like a console or a laptop. The life cycle is different. I think that makes perfect sense, but personally I've stopped using my tablet almost altogether.

This is for two main reasons. I have an 11-inch Macbook Air which is almost as small as a tablet and — obviously — feels way more flexible and useful than a tablet. I carry this around far more than my Nexus because it's just almost as convenient.

What about you guys and girls? Are you still using tablets?


    Internet while watching TV! iPad 2! No plans to upgrade! Exclamation mark!

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      When I watch movies & TV I go all in. Full attention, no distractions. :-)

        Yeah, same here for the stuff I care about. But if I'm just relaxing with TV on in background, I'll internet.

    No, but then I never used a tablet :P

    Probably not exactly the intended audience for any of this though. I do the buy-one-phone-and-stick-to-it thing too. Had my 8250 from something like 04-09, 6100 from 09-13 and will continue with my 808 for the foreseeable future. My usage doesn't really warrant a need for anything more (nor a tablet).

    Sometimes, was never a big tablet user. Best way to read digital comics though.

    Mine's pretty lame, if I had a better one I'd use it more.

      This. It is the best way to read comics, and I also use mine as a PDF reader constantly to have open while doing assignments and work.

    Not a Nexus, I don't own one. But I still use my tablet to occassionally read and every night I use it for white noise.

    i only use mine (ipad) for a secondary Deadman's Cross account. Other than that, i just use my phablet for everything...

    My tablet gets used so that my parents can watch shows I've *cough* found *cough* since it's got a mini HDMI cable.

    I also use it occasionally for comics, and to keep track of my character sheet in Shadowrun.

    So yeah, I really don't use it much.

    I play iOS games on my iPad still, and sometimes use it to watch movies/tv shows using Plex.

      I needs to set me up Plex one of these days. We'll compare notes if you ever come to a Brisbane gathering! :D

      Yeah i have a similar use to you. Although now that i have an iPhone 6 i'm finding i use that a lot more for IOS games and web browsing and airplay Plex to the Apple TV.

    I use my Nexus 7 sometimes for some games like the new Monster Strike and reading in bed at night. But that is about it. Still one of the best purchases I ever made.

    I use my iPad every day. It's my main internet browsing device at home.

    I am also certain that it is the best device for Hearthstone.

    I have a first gen nexus 7 but I still prefer my laptop.

    I have an iPad Air that literally lives next to my bed, and whose main purpose is watching TV episodes, occasional YouTube, Comixology/Manga reader and rarely, games.

    It gets used a few times a week, and rarely leaves the house, so it's more a luxury than anything.

    I use my Surface 2 for 90% of things, Xbox for all gaming and partner's laptop when I desperately need x86 apps or Netflix :)

    My wife pretty much hijacked the iPad as soon as I brought it home so I hardly use it for anything.
    Sometimes she uses it in the loungeroom if her phone is charging, but mostly it lives in the bedroom where she uses it to browse the internet and read in bed, especially since it maintains a better wifi connection than her phone and the master bedroom doesn't always get a great signal.

    But mostly no, not really. It's nice to have and we'd miss it if it was taken away, but it's one of those things that's just "there". It's a good thing they have pretty long life cycles (despite Apple pushing new upgrades out annualy) because I feel like you probably have to have it lying around 3 years to get your $1,000+ useage out of it (not that I paid for mine).

      When it comes to recreational use only tablets it's a bit like upgrading your seats on a 4 hour flight. You can never really justify the price you can only afford to not care. Not that there's anything wrong with giving yourself a present if you can afford it.

    I use my iPad Mini every day.
    I'm using it now for this comment

    Well I only very recently became an iPad owner. I asked for my bosses used one as he was getting an upgrade. It's an iPad 2 with a somewhat cracked screen, but by no means unusable.

    It's great. I now have the best of both worlds with my Android phone and Apple tablet. Can get games/apps from both stores.

    In saying that, I'm only really using this iPad to read eBooks. It's been revolutionary for me and has really gotten me in to reading more. Sometimes use it to watch YouTube in bed, but find it a bit too bulky and bad on the eyes for that.

    Yep all the time, sometimes more than my desktop. My lounge is way more comfortable than my desk chair.

    I use mine extensively, mainly as an e-reader (books, manga and magazines). My old (first-gen) Nexus 7 didn't have the resolution to show magazines effectively, but my newer Samsung tablet is fine for it.

    I also use it as an extra web browser, particularly for checking web sites when I get stuck on something in a console game.

    Other than that, I occasionally use the camera to photograph presentation slides or for taking notes (although I usually use a smartphone for that) and occasionally use it for videos on the run.

    I almost never use it for gaming. If I'm gaming on the run I usually use my PSP - touch screen controls are terrible for many games.

    I used my macbook to internet while watching TV.

    I use my iPad 3 to read books on and roaming internet when in transit on trips, to read comics on and to use watch foxtel docos and stuff on the Go app I conned my mum into putting on there if I am super bored with literally everything else, or in bed not feeling well. That might sound like a lot, but generally it isn't. I'm lucky to use it once or twice a month.

      when did the word "internet" become a verb? (not meaning to nitpick, but I am curious)

    Nope. Never had one. Combination of laptop, phone and handheld gaming devices suits me just fine. I have zero use for a tablet.

    I use my iPad 3 quite a lot still - I use it as my guitar amp, watching video on the train (although if had splurged for a larger capacity iPhone 6 i probably would have dropped video from this list) and playing games where the extra real estate is valuable.

    I still use it occasionally for web browsing but I'm finding more and more that the experience on my phone isn't lacking enough to warrant me digging the iPad out of my backpack. In fact I reckon if it wasn't for the amp modelling software I'd likely find other devices for everything else.

    Not any more, my phone does what I need a tablet for.

    I have an iPad mini that I use for checking emails, news, weather, playing a few games and messaging my parents (who both no longer have pc's) and son (who uses an iPad for school and just about everything else). I prefer my pc though.

    Also, I only replace my phone when it dies. It'll be the same for the iPad.

    Acer Iconia A500—a huge, unpretty brick by today's standards, but relatively cheap and reliable at the time I got it (years ago). I still use it on the reg for comics, movies, and browsing, but definitely not pornservating.

    You can probably add Hearthstone to the list when/if it comes out early 2015.

    I use my ipad all the time. Read books, watch streaming content, facebook, draw using procreate, use the music apps with my keyboard, logic control for live use with mainstage, play games. I use it more than my PC, but my PC is crap ATM.

    I still use my iPad 2 a lot. I use it for reading ebooks and internet browsing; It's great for googling those burning questions like "was that bug my cat just ate poisonous?"
    It also gets loaded up with Podcasts, movies and TV shows once a month when i need to spend 7 hours in the hospital having an infusion. I would lose my mind without some thing to do.

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