Off Topic: Guilty Pleasures

It's often said there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure — that we should be proud of enjoying the things we enjoy. But let's be real here: we all enjoy at least one thing — a TV show, music, a game — that we're totally embarrassed about. Time to spill your guts people.

Man, I have a ton.

I like professional wrestling. To a ridiculous degree. To the extent that it was the topic of my Master's Thesis at University.

One of my favourite songs of the last five years is 'Call Me Maybe'.

I watched Cars with my son the other day there and I thought it was 'pretty good'.

I think Speed Racer is better than The Matrix. There I said it!

I could go on all day.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?


    My Tv Guilty is anything NCIS. Man I love that shit and Live my life the Gibbs way.

    Movies well I am a sucker for dodgy JVCD/Segal movies.

    As for songs well lets just say I lined up to buy tickets to see the Presidents of the USA.... last year.

    I thought the first Triple X movie was lazy and pandering.

    ...I thought Triple X 2 was ok.

    Taylor Swift. At least, early Taylor Swift.

      I was about to be a douche and make a snide comment; then I remembered singing to myself on my way to work the other day.

      Making my way downtown, walking fast,
      Faces pass and I'm home bound
      Staring blankly ahead, just making my way,
      Making my way through the crowd.

      I don't even...

    You did this exact same article last year...

      Now that's a Kotaku reader. Meanwhile, 1 year on, I'm happy to revisit a fun concept.

    Will Smith's glorious catalog of musical gems. Everything from 'Boom, Shake the Room', to 'Mr. Niceguy' to 'Will2K', 'Miami', 'Summertime'. Ahh Big Willy Style...

    On a fun note, I named my character in Pokemon Y 'Big Willy'. It makes a great game even better. Especially when you come back to it after a few months and have completely forgotten the fact, then some character walks up to you and says things like 'Good to see you, Big Willy!'. Genius.

      Coming back to forgotten Pokemon nicknames is brilliant. I once received a random Ditto with good IVs that had been nicknamed Tom Brady. For some reason I never remember that I have him so when I go to breed a Pokemon and see that name there it instantly cracks me up.

    Japanese game shows :D
    Also "If You Are The One" unlike anything I'd usually watch, when they have lines like "he looks like he's from good stock" when a woman is looking at a prospective dating partner it's hard not to be entertained.

      Silent Library is probably one of my favourite Japanese game shows. It's just so .... hilarious.

      "I'd rather cry in a BMW than laugh on the back of your bike." Honestly its such a fun show. A culture difference plus insanely hot girls. Why feel guilty?

        ha :D, some of the best quotes. I guess because it falls into the category of a dating show that makes me feel weird about watching it, I wouldn't be caught dead watching a western one.

          It only works because its so culturally different. I get the sense that the girls on the show have pretty western values but have to pretend not to. Whereas on any western version the show would be full of fame whores looking for their 15 minutes just like every other reality show on tv.

    I'm too old to waste effort feeling guilty about things I like.
    There is one TV show I love that others who've never seen it think I should see as a guilty pleasure, though: Teen Wolf. I'm kind of addicted to that show.

      +1. You're right though - there's too much quality here for anyone to have any right to consider it a *guilty* pleasure. Not unless Hemingway is a guilty pleasure... /hyperbole

    Paramore.... could [and do] listen to them any day of the week.

    PS. @markserrels : You shouldn't feel guilty liking the movie Cars! If it makes you feel any better, I've got the entire generation 1 series of model Cars from the movie, and most of gen 2. Those things were $8 each when I started collecting them.... I don't tell my wife how much I have spent on those 'little cars with faces in boxes' :p

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      A work mate has
      "It's not faith if you use your eyes" tattooed on his forearm. I make fun of it but i secretly think its awesome.

        Wow, that's commitment, haha. But yeah, their lyrics are absolutely fantastic. At the very least for a band with such a 'pop' image.

    I own all of taylor swifts albums and enjoy the bejesus out of singing every song
    i watched the anime "Free" and really enjoyed it (for you who dont know it has semi naked guys swimming constantly)
    I played farmville for a while and liked it

    I like the following films a lot: The Sound of Music, Oliver!, The Wizard of OZ and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (not so guilty about this one.)

    Music wise, probably quite a lot too, but a main one I lay claim to is Fall Out Boy.

    Reading celebrity magazines...and so on.

      Only jackasses need to pretend that they thought the Sound of Music was lame!

        I never deny it! Although, I realise that it would not be most people's cup of tea.

        How do you solve a problem like Maria...

    Dead or Alive Xtreme series. A well balanced and compelling sports game that series was! 8D

    Doctor Who! I have a square Tardis mug at work that everyone comments on. It's actually bloody hard drinking from a square cup but it's the Tardis... it's bigger on the inside so i don't have to go the kitchen to fill it as often.

      I assume you're talking about nu Who - Yep It's embarrassing. Classic Who though - be proud! Greatest show ever!

    TV: Top Model, Project Runway, Total Divas.

    Music: ABBA, Grease soundtrack.

    Movies: Grease, Bridget Jones' Diary.

      ABBA isnt even a guilty pleasure, ABBA is fantastic.

    I love Gossip Girl.
    I love Sex and the City.
    I love movies that make me cry.
    I love a large degree of pop songs.
    I love chocolate to the point where I eat it almost every far.
    I love Krispy Kreme.

      gossip girl is good, the music in that show is crazy good.
      oh god, i like things as non guilty pleasures that people think are :P

      I had an Original Glazed last week when I was hungover, goddamn I forgot how good this stuff is

    Sorry, the concept of a guilty pleasure is ridiculous. I like what I like and I don't care what others think about it. If I like some seemingly juvenile entertainment or generic by-the-numbers pop song then stiff shit, that's what I like and I'll tell you to your face. Being embarrassed by these things is indicative of a deeper problem than actually liking them.

      Yeah, many of these things I'm reading and think, hey that's actually pretty good. I don't understand why it's a guilty pleasure.

        I agree with you, but at the same time I've copped some serious flak for admitting I like some things. Examples would be Britney Spears: Toxic, certain chick flicks where I have a little happy cry, terrible food that as someone who can cook I should have no place enjoying etc etc. As @piratepete said below, your mind is telling you you're a fool for enjoying something yet you just can't help it anyway ;)

      I think a guilty pleasure is when your brain is telling you that the thing you like is trash and throwing up tons of reasons why its bad but you enjoy it anyway.

      Its not so much what is popular to other people.

        But how can something you enjoy be trash? Why does your brain tell you it's trash/bad unless it's been learned, probably with the help of external influences, that it's trash?

        As I understand it you can eat pizza or chocolate, knowing it's bad for you and thinking the whole time that you shouldn't, and that would be considered a guilty pleasure. I would just say it's a choice you make weighing up risk vs reward, or an urge you find too hard to control.

        I'm not certain how things like enjoying pop songs could be a guilty pleasure though. It's not like when you listen to it a kitten dies somewhere in the world. Unless you feel guilty for buying a single from the likes of Rihanna who apparently shamed a fan of hers on Twitter. I know I'd feel guilty boosting the career of someone who does that.

    Armageddon (the Michael Bay movie).

    Man, it feels good to let that out...

    Old cartoons, preferably from the 80s and early (pretty obvious given my post history).

    Point and click adventure games.

    Listing to music on vinyl and reading books in hard cover.

    Anime intro sequences. I know the music is terrible and the lyrics are always beyond stupid but I just love them.

    The X Factor and The Voice are the only TV shows I watch on commercial TV. I would say K-pop and J-pop, but I genuinely like those without feeling an ounce of guilt or shame. I'm one of those who don't really have guilty pleasures, because everything I like, I honestly like :)

    I'm a lover of B movies which for some reason contain Nic Cage movies. Don't know why. Everything Cage has ever done is amazing. Screaming head on fire amazing.

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      Haha, I thought the Wicker Man remake was the funniest movie of the year. We're not the weird ones, people just need to learn how to take some Nic Cage lovin'. I always imagine him in his snake skin suit from Wild At Heart.

    I liked the Transformers movies and was bummed that I never got around to seeing the fourth. Or TMNT, yet. Not all that guilty about it though :P

    More guilty pleasure would be singing along to the stereo in the car, I think. Wouldn't do it while someone else was there, though don't really have much of a problem admitting it.

    I wouldn't really know what counts as a "guilty" pleasure anymore but I guess there are probably some things that people would raise eyebrows at:
    - I have a thing for any female in full body armour or plate/chain mail.
    - I like shows and movies that punch me in the feels.
    - I look at "" every day.
    - I like cute things.
    - Sometimes, I watch anime dubbed, and like it.
    - Sparkling vampires are all right by me.
    Ok, that last one was an outright lie. I will never, ever accept sparkling vampires.

      cmon some anime is just as good or better dubbed. Eva, bebob, berserk, black lagoon, desert punk, GitS are a few that come to mind. Although most dubs are pure crap.

    I'm a sucker for romantic comedies.....I'm sure it's my wife's fault.
    C'mon.....most are pretty funny!

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