One Of EA's Best Games Is Old But Also Free

One Of EA's Best Games Is Old, But Also Free

Maybe because it's never got a modern remake, maybe it's because you wore a silly red helmet, but EA's Crusader: No Remorse has never got the love and respect it deserves from a 21st century world. Maybe that will change now that everybody can play the game for free.

First released in 1995, it's an isometric action game where you play a guy in a robot suit who walks around like Robocop, solving puzzles and shooting everybody who gets in your way.

It was fun, it was gorgeous (for the time, although it has aged very gracefully), and it also featured some of the worst/best acting of the FMV era.

If that sounds like something you might want to check out, starting today the game is free on Origin. Even if it doesn't sound like something you'd want to check out, you may as well anyway, just so you can see Weasel with your own eyes.


    and it wishes you happy christmas at christmas time... well you get techno christmas music

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    Appropriate for it to be on Origin, since it was developed by Origin. Back when that brand was used for a studio and not a terrible digital distribution platform.

    I was always a bit disappointed when I found out that the third game in the series got canned when Chris Roberts left EA to form his own company and work on Starlancer - most of the Wing Commander and Crusader guys went with him, and EA refocused Origin to work on Ultima Online instead.

    Crusader also had a really great soundtrack from memory.

      Was Chris Roberts involved with Crusader though? I thought it was done by Tony Zurovec (who is incidentally now working with Roberts on Star Citizen)?

      Edit: Ah, I see. Zurovec left to work with CR at Digital Anvil.

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      Origin hardly deserves the hate it gets, as a digital delivery service it performs rather excellently. I've never had an issue with it and it's offline mode is probably the best around.

        Yeah, but you still can not gift people games

          thats your biggest issue? really?

            My biggest issue is I enjoy adding to my steam collection... Truth be told if it's not on steam, i have a hard time playing it.

              That's fair enough, I can accept that quite easily. I have 230+ games on Steam, around 30+ on Origin and around 10 on Uplay I think? I'd much prefer to just use the one platform.

                I HATE it when you buy a game on steam and it loads in Uplay.. that is such a big F U from Ubisoft + Steam

                  Yep, never bought a game through Uplay itself, but that's how it ended up happening :(

            Actually yes, when I used to have a clan I would periodically have things like game codes or small give-aways that I could gift to others using say steam or even in the games we used to play directly. Considering for the last 2 years my computer has been primarily using WiFi as an internet source, I can't really complain about latency as that's probably the largest gimping factor to online games. I don't care one bit for achievements nor do I care about the size of my libraries. Recently I tried to gift my wife the sims 4 as she is a fan of the series but she is in America. In order to gift her, I had to log into her origin store account and then make the purchase on her account. I find having to do that passes me off to no end when almost every other vendor offers a gift feature

              Fair enough, in terms of service though, Origin and Steam are extremely stable I find with no actual issues of crashing. However, Origins store is an absolute mess compared to Steam. That's my major gripe, the layout of Origin is a disaster. It's like someone took all the content, loaded it into a scattergun and fired it at a wall.

                Chaos is fun at times. I do enjoy looking at my game covers

                  Definitely true, I do like the layout of the game selector page lol. It's primarily the store and most other pages, they just look so disorganised lol.

    That's great and all but I bought it on GOG ages ago. I have to get around to playing it sometime because I had a fantastic time playing No Regret back when it first came out.

    The different type of death animations based on the weapon used was the BEST. Loved that game. Best acting ever.

    I played this and it's sequel when I was in high school. Feeling a little old today.

      With you there. So many hours on this and No Regret. Loved taking over the security droids/mechs for a rampage.

    I actually have the sequel No Regret on the original CD but need DOS or Win95 to run it.

    I'm sorry, but this just doesn't look like it has aged well, in terms of graphics or gameplay.


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        I find your lack of rational thought and irony disturbing.
        Have a downvote.

        Quick it's on the internet I must believe it to be true! Like I am an actual doctor, cause I have the prefix Doctor in front of my name..

        Hey guy.

        Just to bring you up to speed: A bunch of the regular commenters change their display names to something spooky or scary for Halloween. Usually it's Hollywood monster/horror film/book-related, but sometimes the guys come up with something really scary for their usernames... Like FibreToTheNode, or DayOneDLC.

          Well a light stab at a name on the net went a bit too far, though when I was doing it- I was aiming at harmless fun, nothing meant to offend, I'll be removing the comment now

    Bought both games on GOG a little while back... the controls are not intuitive. But the FMV is terribl...y good and explosions are fun!

    I played the shit out of this as a kid, then we got the expansion No Regrets and it melted our PC.

    Cheers, @lukeplunkett !
    I remember when this thing was on the PSX, and I was too young to quite know what I was doing.

    Then I eventually got stuck somewhere. Fun game though (I think?).

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