PAX Australia's Panel Schedule Is Now Up!

For those of you lucky enough to be heading to Melbourne for PAX Australia at the end of the month, the schedule for all the panels is now available on the site. Man, there is a lot of stuff to check out.

Also: some blatant self promotion. I'll be appearing on a few of those panels!

I'll be hosting a panel titled 'Where to now for Australian Game Development?; alongside some pretty key names in the Australian games industry, including Morgan Jaffit, the Director of Defiant Development and Tony Lawrence, General Manager at 2K Australia. I'm pretty excited about that one. Should be a humdinger.

I'm also on the panel for the 'Spiritual Warfare: Religion and Spirituality in Video Games' panel alongside a bunch of great Australian writers including Patrick Stafford, Jason Imms and Nathan Cocks. Pretty interested to see the direction that one heads in.

But that's only two of seemingly hundreds of panels. The subject matter is broad, the talent involved is humongous and there should be something to cater to all tastes. Can't wait to head to some of these panels myself. In particular I can't wait for the 'Talking Funny: Comedy and Video Games' panel featuring Ron Gilbert and the 'Games Industry Trends - beyond 2014' panel featuring Dr Jeff Brand and Ron Curry.

You can find the whole schedule here.


    I’ll be hosting a panel titled ‘Where to now for Australian Game Development?;

    At last. We can meet Mark in person and do horrible stuff to him...

      He's easily impressed by coin tricks.

    Can't wait! Now if my passes just arrive so I can stop being anxious about it...

    Wow, that page really needs some filter options. I can't make any sense of what talks are on when!

      Agreed. Would love to be able to filter out tournaments and whatnot.

    Should mention that the full schedule is available on the PAX Aus mobile app, which allows you to filter panels, make up your own schedule, and provides maps for everything from toilets to food and car parking, etc. It also integrates the twitter feeds and facebook feeds so you can check out lines and stuff, and is the only way to play PAX XP, which is a QR game which will get you some loot once completed.

      Would be nice if that was actually on the site itself :/

    I got invited to help/play at the War Gaming booth :D

      I guess it's time to evolve into a Wartooortle then.

    So after watching Marks "distress" video it reminded me, did they hire an interpreter for Mark's panel appearances?

    Looks like I've got a lot of board gaming to do.

      You know where it is this year? At the Munich Brauhaus for the duration of the event. Litre Steins of beer over settlers/powergrid/god knows what else? COUNT ME IN!!!

    I looked at the panel list and thought "wow, a lot of preachy topics that don't interest me this year and a lot of other topics I don't give 2 shits about, or don't have any valid opinions on..."

    Then I remembered that I only attended 2 panels last year, one of which was the closing ceremony... and I still had the best goddamn time mucking around with all the indie devs (who might I add are awesome people) and talking to the LoL peeps, playing boardgames, and meeting a shitload of people through mutual friends. Yeah I'm not stressed.

    Good luck with your panels Mark, apologies if I never attend. I'll most likely be knee deep in "getting back into Magic" like last year haha.

    Check out our panel at 8pm on Friday 31 October, "What They Won't Tell You About Working in Videogames". Featuring a range of wonderful folks including those from The Fourth Player videogame podcast.

    Panel link:

    Podcast link:

    I really have no idea why I bought a ticket to this.

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