PAX Is Playing Host To A Bethesda vs Magic: The Gathering Superfight

In the red corner... the heart, soul and PR Voice of Bethesda — and keynote speaker at this year's PAX Australia — Pete Hines. In the blue corner, Magic: The Gathering’s Director of Research and Development, and ex-professional Magic player Aaron Forsythe!

This Saturday, at PAX Australia, these two are facing off against one another in a Magic: The Gathering contest for the ages.

The plan is for Pete and Aaron to have a match but, perhaps more interestingly, both are planning to stick around to have a post-game chat about strategies, mechanics and their favourite Magic cards. If you're a fan of Magic: The Gathering — and almost everyone who attends PAX Australia is — this might be one of the unmissable events of the show.

The event takes place tomorrow, Saturday November 1 at 4pm at PAX.


    Didn't even know that Aaron Forsythe was here. I wonder if he will be signing cards.

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