People Already Figured Out How To Use Borderlands’ ‘Unusable’ Gun

People Already Figured Out How To Use Borderlands’ ‘Unusable’ Gun

Remember that Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel gun nobody could figure out how to use? Yeah, well somebody figured out how to use it. That didn’t take long.

Possible spoilers and all that.

Admittedly the person in the above video, KnowledgeFX, went into the game file and tampered with their stats so they could yank Excalibastard from its glimmering perch, which is kind of an anti-climax after all the hubbub. Here, however, is what they found: you need a badass rank of 2500 to make the gunsword of one-day-old legend yours. Badass rank is obtained by completing specific challenges. It’s separate from your regular level.

The weapon itself is pretty beastly, with nearly peerless accuracy and damage, not to mention a high chance of elemental effects and — most crucially — a 50 per cent bonus to melee damage and a whopping 110 per cent extra damage to critical hits.

In action, that looks like this, courtesy of this video by Stephen Chapman:

Now hopefully someone will go out and earn it for real, although I feel like this peels some of the sheen off that accomplishment. Oh well.

Images courtesy of Borderlands Wiki.

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  • why do people go into files to ruin the surprise… playing the good old fashion way seems way more fun…. never understood that part of pc gaming, new game out lets mess with the files to find things the easy way.

  • Also helps if you have the previous games as it gives you a bonus 500 badass rank when you first hop in, along with 3 golden keys :). I only played the first like minute of the game during my lunch break but can anyone advise if you get to use your golden keys loaded from the previous game? I had like 50 or so and was hoping I could use them the new game (seeing as it uses same Shift account).

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