Player Glitches Into What Appears To Be Another Destiny DLC Zone

You'll have to hop precariously around Destiny's Venus map to find this one, but it appears one player has discovered an exploit that eventually sends them warping through one of the game's planned DLC maps in the area.

Nowise10 explains how to get there in the video above, and in this shorter description:

1: Start Patrol on Venus, and head to "The Citadel".

2: Once at the Citadel, head in "The Juncture".

3: Kill every enemy in "The Juncture"

4: On the left wall, jump your way up using the Vex architect.

5: Once high enough up, jump into the center beam and land on the invisible floor.

6: Jump into the graivty lift, and explore "The Terminus".

The area is called The Terminus, and Nowise10 has already discovered the locations of three dead ghosts that you can currently pick up (the third was discovered after the video was posted). Consensus seems to be that you can't access the Grimoire cards attached to them, but that you do get the credit for it.

Nowise10 says the area is part of a mission in House of Wolves, an expansion pack that Bungie has already announced but we know more about thanks to a big leak of mission names and details last month, but I can't be sure. It certainly does look like an area waiting to be filled with enemies, though.

We've reached out to Activision and Bungie to verify and will update this post if/when we hear back.

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    Ahhh that's what this thing is for, I thought it might have been related to the vault of glass

    Classic on disc DLC. Heaven forbid they release a complete game using the massive portion of a billion dollars thrown at the game.

      You did get a complete game. Just because it's on the disc doesn't mean it was removed from the game you were sold, nor that you have a right to access it.

        Actualy it pretty much does.

          On what basis do you have a right to access all the content on the disc? Can you point it out in the licence?

        The fact it's on the disc means they literally removed it from the game. I doubt very much the fact that it's there and so are some of its assets, just cordoned off, means they just didn't finish it in time and it will be free in an update/DLC.

          No, it doesn't. If I make a game and include an extra texture that was never used on the disc, do you think that was 'removed from the game' as well, and that you have only a partial game because that texture isn't used? Of course not.

          It's common practice, especially with console games, to put large assets for future content on the disc before the content is ready, to reduce the amount of data that needs to be downloaded when that content becomes available. Nothing was removed from the game you were sold, that content was never sold to you.

            Just because it's common doesn't make it right. Stop lubing yourself for Activision.

            Last edited 08/10/14 12:03 pm

              What makes it wrong?

              They had a future plan for the game and wanted to make a zone that was completely coherent, so they had the environment artists design the entire area to incorporate the entire zone including future planned areas, as it was already knocked together when the initial content was finished instead of removing the completed work from the data they left it intact saving extra downloads for when the area was finally going to be made public.

              Lol you sorely misunderstand how games like this work if you think it was removed ONLY for the sake of selling extra content, if all future content was going to be free, it still would have been done the same way.

              Last edited 08/10/14 12:07 pm

              Keep your personal fantasies to yourself, please.

              You do not own the content on the disc. You never have, and never will. When you 'buy' software, you're purchasing a licence to use the software as provided. The developers can put whatever they want on the disc, it doesn't automatically make it yours.

                I understand how the practice works and like many people who remember buying full games that weren't virtual betas or micro transaction cesspits I disagree with the whole thing.

                You guys are keeping KY in business.

                @zombiejesus, can you please stop posting? I'm getting tired of up-voting your comments that someone else is down-voting.

                  They can downvote if they like, it doesn't change the facts. You get what you're sold, not what you're given. As long as people have a hard time with that, they're going to continue to be frustrated under the false impression that they're entitled to things they're not.

                  @zombiejesus - Yep. People can hate DLC practises for many reasons (and I may just be on their side for some), but the notion of "I paid for everything on the disc" is a non-starter and needs to be abandoned.

              Zombie Jesus you are correct. We legally only pay for the right to play the game. But we payed $60 for a video game and we shouldn't have to pay more for DLC. But come on people, we all know DLC comes out for almost every game now and we new it was going to cost money for DLC before we bought the game.

          Well seeing as you can still access it means its hardly removed from the game, and just because the area exists doesn't mean the content to fill it exists. Also it may have been planned DLC from the start, so what would be the difference if they put the area on the disk, or it was in the same state sitting on Bungie servers for another 2 months before bloating the content patch by another 100 or so MB?

            Exactly this. Think of it like how a few zones of Azaroth in WoW is cut off/ inaccessible due to areas that are under construction for future content patches/expansions. There would be teams that were dedicated to working on one of the DLC packs for Destiny which included this area, and this is where they were at came launch time.

        no.. i think it does. i was expecting more that three cut scenes and rinse/repeat missions.

      What makes you think the content is complete rather than just the map? After all, it'd be a hell of a lot easier to make the map as a whole and then fill it after the fact than add stuff to the map after the fact

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    nice to see that the fkn "DLC" is already actually in the game... GG typical.

    Also found on earth if you enter the crashed hive ship next to where the old loot cave used to be and walk all the way to the end there is a corridor filled with rubble. If you walk right up against the rubble the area changes to somewhere called the "jovian district", more on disc areas locked to make extra cash it seems? :-/

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