Players Try To Cheese Destiny's Hardest Boss, Fail Miserably

Hahaha oh boy. That didn't go over too well, did it? In Destiny's big, epic raid, there is a final boss named Atheon. And there used to be a method of "cheesing" him, as in killing him quickly and unethically (depending on who you ask). Players would be able to push Atheon off the level, thereby bringing the boss fight to its early end.

Developer Bungie has since patched will soon patch that bug out, but legolas8825 and his friends here tried to get one final cheesy fight out of him before the patch went goes live. But things didn't go quite as planned. According to one Reddit user, it has to do with a tiny ledge that Atheon can fall on top of at that specific corner, giving him a second chance to warp back into the fight. Which is unfortunate for that raid team, but very fortunate for us.

(via Reddit)


    Is cheesing a new term for glitching? I've only heard it since Destiny came out.

      I was gonna comment about it too.

      It seems to be the in word at the moment. I've been seeing it everywhere.

        are you on tonight?

          Yeah should be man. Gonna have a couple games of fifa with a mate but then should be up for some raiding potentially later on.

          are you still playing destiny?

            Yea mate, grind during week then meet up most fridays with few people, you keen? xb1? we are leveling up for the raid, I think we are ready.

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              I would be kinda keen but I'm PS4 for Destiny - I've put it down for the past week or so - The grind got to me being stuck on level 26 and needing a million ascendant shards kinda ruined the grind even haha...

              I see your comments around here a lot so definitely would be keen just most of my gaming is on PS4

              I'm only on xbox one for Forza 2 at the moment but feel free to add me gamertag is "scarnonbloke" on Xbone and "scarnon" on PS4

                Yea i got a bit sick of it, took a few weeks off and am back in full swing, mid lev 27 now, I'm similar to you but the opposite, bought the ps4 for exclusives but do most my gaming on x1, im Black Dahlia NZ on x and Black-Dahlia-NZ on ps.

                  Sweet I'll add you - Either way we can play some exclusives at some point!!!

              If you guys ever need a hand, I've had a bit of experience in the raid (completed the raid a few times now, and managed to get lucky with the armor drops to get my Warlock to 30), and I'm always happy to jump in and help out. I'm 'AshuraMGS3Sub' on Xbone, and I'm normally on Destiny most nights. :-)

                sweet man added, said we were already? I added like 20 people when destiny first came out

                  Oh yeah, it looks like we were already listed as friends. Well I'll likely catch you on sometime soon then. :-)

      Used to hear it used in the arcades to describe any dodgey way of winning. Which was... HOLY FUCK IT WAS 20 YEARS AGO!!!

      Became prevalent in counter strike with the P90 'cheese gun", because it shoots so fast it makes swiss cheese out of people. It doesn't make sense to apply it to other stuff.

      It's not new, I have heard it before in relation to other games and usually used to describe beating bosses easily, but not as common place as it has become through Destiny, that's for sure.

    As someone who hasn't played Destiny, that's a really boring video.

    He went at the Beatman, he tried to land, but they cheesed him.

    Hahahah the boss teleported before hitting the bottom of the level. Man that's shitty luck xD

    Lol. That was good. Love the dancing that was followed by the "Oh shit!" moment.

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    Best use of "cheesing" in old Dino Fighter game "Primal Rage", do the same special move 4 or 5 times in a row and a big block of cheese would drop down from the top of the screen and damage you..classic..

    Cheese/Cheesing is an old 90s world for using weapons that require no skill/have a large and/or powerful spray/range of effect, such as cluster bombs & mortars, depending on how they function in any given game.
    I guess it's finally back.

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