Playing Against Dota 2's Sniper Can Be So Annoying

Playing Against Dota 2's Sniper Can Be So Annoying

The fact the sniper can be a tad annoying sometimes is nothing new for veteran Dota 2 players — like Little Mac, the character has a certain negative stigma. Still, I couldn't help but laugh at this short which exemplifies just how enraging he can get, even if he's not necessarily killing you.

Then again, Palingenesie A Dota Short's video shows that annoying isn't all bad. That Silencer is the best!

Palingenesie can be found on Patreon here.

Ursa & Teamplay [Palingenesie A Dota Short]


    Seems every game some annoying sniper goes 20-0 with Shadowblade, Mjollnir and Mask of Madness. So difficult to deal with! I'm pretty new to DOTA though, so thought it was just me being a noob (probably is).

      He's a great hero but squishy with no real nukes, slows, damage mitigation, or real stuns. His ulti is all magic damage too, so you can get a hood or linkens to help vs that. If you're having a team fight, sometimes it doesn't hurt to run past/around the main action and take out the glass cannon. I find one of the strongest things about him is that his bullets are instant... it makes it harder to deny him and easier for him to deny you.

      Only in the 2k/3k mmr range would you find a sniper going 20-0. Anything higher and he's going to be destroyed by early game support/ganks/peoplewhoactuallyusewardsandsmokes.

    While Sniper is a big PITA, he is easily counterable with his low move speed, health and no natural escape mechanism. Just make sure if you start a team fight that he is out of position (or a strong melee carry with a blink dagger/strong initiator helps too) or he'll probably get some free kills =P

    Sniper is easy to counter if you buy a blink dagger on your hero.

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