Playing Destiny On A Mobile Phone Is Way Better Than It Sounds

In the modern day battle for control of our shared TV, the PlayStation Vita has been my salvation. I want to play Destiny. My wife wants to watch The Block. I always lose this contest, so I've been playing a fair amount of Destiny using remote play on my Vita. It's actually awesome. Here's what I wasn't aware of: you can actually do the same thing with Sony's Xperia phones.

At a recent event Lifehacker Australia's Chris Jager and Gizmodo Australia's Luke Hopewell had the chance to literally play Destiny on the Sony Xperia Z3 using the PlayStation App and a small unit that clasps a controller to the phone. Apparently it's not too bad.

You can watch the video above, but here's what Luke had to say about the experience:

When you’re gaming, you want the largest screen possible to get your next-gen console fix, but that absolutely kills portability. For a figurative age, the dream has been to pack the power of something like a PlayStation 4 into a mobile console. There have been many attempts, but Sony’s new remote play feature on the Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact might have just cracked it wide open.
Remote Play on the Z3 smartphone variants is something Sony announced at this year’s IFA tech fair in Berlin. The company realised it made excellent games consoles and excellent phones, so it decided to blend them and come up with a great way for you to game on a second screen in your house.
Basically, it’s a clamp that goes unobtrusively onto your PlayStation 4 controller that allows you to insert your Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact or 8-inch Z-family tablet into the mount. From there, you pair your phone with your PlayStation 4 via the app and the content — be it a game, movie or otherwise — is automatically cast over to your phone. Switch off the TV and game away on your smartphone or tablet screen like a future-tech badass.
When you’ve got the screen attached to your controller, it feels like a hardcore version of the NVIDIA Shield handheld, with twice the power.
When I sat down to play it the other night, I genuinely thought it would suffer from massive lag and an obnoxious experience on a tiny screen, but I was wrong on both counts.
Sure, the screen on the Z3 is a little small for AAA gaming, but the colour, resolution and brightness of the screen makes it a fantastic second screen experience around the house, plus, it barely lags at all so you can jump into The Crucible multi-player on Destiny and still frag someone’s face off.
Obviously, you’re not going to be using Remote Playon the regular. It’s a great way to get a second screen experience if your significant other boots you off the couch to watch a show or a movie.
Personally, I’m looking forward to using it when I want to play Destiny in bed, not on the lounge, and now that I’ve seen it barely lags on the Z3, I’m looking forward to it even more.

Apparently the Remote Play functionality is limited to Sony Xperia phones for now, but making it available on other Android phones in the future is a possibility.

Interestingly, it also works on the Xperia Z3 tablet, which is even more appealing to me. My only real issue with remote play on the PS Vita is the size of the Vita's screen. When you're used to playing on a 46 inch screen, going back to the Vita is a bit underwhelming, regardless of how good its screen is. A decent sized tablet? That would be perfect.


    Of course if you just got the new Z2 a matter of 6 months ago (you know, when it was released), then this is not available to you, and as I'm stuck with the Z2 for a 24 months contract, I guess I miss out :(

      Take solace in the fact that on the Z2, you're far more likely to receive it than any other non-Sony phone!

        I'll just leave this right here.... ;)

          Tried it last night on Nexus 10 - didn't work :(

    This has tempted me towards the Z3 now. Could you do it with the PS3 as well though? We have both our PS3 & PS4 connected to the same TV so it'd be good if while my gf is playing the PS4 I could play PS3 games at the same time

      PS3 had remote play for very few games, but they exist.
      Off the top of my head all PSOne games are as well as 5 PS3 games, including Lego Batman and Tokyo Jungle (I think).
      I'd say it'd work with the PS3 remote play, bu only for the games that support it (obviously)

    Good article, I'm damned keen to get my hands on a Z3 for the Remote Play but geese dude.... sort the quality of the video out before you post it. I'd prefer to just see a highlight reel from the event rather then toilet cam with audio quality that poor. It's bloody terrible. I'm sure that you could have used the Z3's camera to record 4K with better results than what you posted.

    These are the phones which might make me consider swapping to Android.

    It's a bummer for Z2 Z1 users, but I understand why Sony is being so careful. Even without releasing the app to Google Play, XMA hackers have already found a way to flash the app to other handsets. However, it still looks difficult enough that I think most people would buy a Sony for the whole "it just works" factor.

    Remote Play is also available through Sony's now-dead Vaio computer range :)

      There is workarounds to install the Remote Play program on non-Vaio PCs

    My next tablet shall be a Z3 Sony tablet purely because of this. Was waiting to see how this works and if any where near positive, I'm all over it.

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