PlayStation's First TV Show Is Promising Really F****d-Up Superheroes

PlayStation's First TV Show Is Promising Really F****d-Up Superheroes

Ok, Sony, you've got my attention.

If you've read Powers — the psychologically tense police proecedural set in a special unit that deals with superhero-related crimes — then you know that it's a series where sex, drugs and ultraviolence get tangled up in some really perverted ways. It's only a teaser but the new trailer for the TV adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's long-running comic book makes it seem like the PlayStation-only show won't be toned down very much at all.

Powers is the first show that Sony's entertainment divisions are producing exclusively for their video game platforms. It's the opening salvo in their bid to build a Netflix-style stable of exclusive filmed entertainment that takes advantage of people who already own a PS3, PS4 or Vita.


    That looks promising. Hope it doesn't end up like another Heroes!

      hey now, season 1 and 4 were pretty good, though I will grant you that 2 and 3 were garbage.

        Yeah, and I only believe season 2 was bad because of the writer's strike cutting the season in half and omitting the disease arc.

          yeh, was a shame really, goes from reasonably character arcs and building to BAM! everyone's in NYC and hanging out again. in the space of a half episode. Writers strike boned so many TV shows that year :'(

        I never watched season 4, got frustrated with season 2 and stopped watching.

    I like Shalto Copley as an actor, but I never would have picked him as the guy they'd cast as Christian Walker. I don't know if it's just the art style from the book, but I thought they'd get someone a bit more physically imposing — a Patrick Warburton-type, without it actually being Patrick Warburton. Though there is nothing wrong with you if you are in fact Patrick Warburton.

    Ah Sharlto Copley, that guy can play crazy

      Damn straight. As soon as I saw him attached to this I thought...'I'm in'.

    Did you really have to put a gif AS THE ICON OF THE ARTICLE? I'm scrolling through a list of articles, I don't want to see gifs before I even pick one. Christ

      You're complaining... over an article thumbnail.......... just let that sink in.

    Free with Active PS+ membership...

    That's all fine and dandy, but will they confirm if any other territory outside of the US is going to get it also?

    I really don't believe this is sustainable. A TV series is something you watch because it is there, and then it captured you attention and you follow it. It will not capture your attention if it's not in a media where you can easily stumble upon it. In other words, people are not going to rush to buy a PS4 just so they can watch a series they have just heard about. With that money they might as well subscribe to cable for a year if they're aching for quality TV.

    So, if it isn't a system seller, their audience will be that of the already established playerbase, who as wide as it can be in the US, is still much smaller than the audience that the series would have if they just released it in TV. With those production values, I really doubt they can keep what will ultimately be added content for people who already gave them money.

      I really don't believe this is sustainable.

      This is a brand new model, the wild west of content creation. You, nor Sony, nor I, nor anyone else knows exactly what is going to work or not work in terms of release models until it's tried and tested. And you can't do that unless you actually try and test it.

        That's true. That doesn't take away the risks and difficulties I outlined in my post. Kudos to Sony for trying, but I don't see why I should get a downvote.

      Simple: current PS3/PS4 owners try it, (theoretically) love it, positive word-of-mouth spreads, show becomes popular, Sony becomes emboldened, releases more content, fence-sitters and wait-to-upgraders are convinced.

        Then Murdoch gets his hands on it, makes it Foxtel only and locks PlayStation users out of viewing it outside of America.

        #conspiracy #AmIDoingCrazyRight?

    Ah, one of the few things Bendis is good at, his creator owned stuff.

    yes, but when is it available?????

    I can't wait too check this out. Hopefully it's decent. There's some good actors in the cast.

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