Porco Rosso Sunglasses, Yours For $548

Porco Rosso Sunglasses, Yours for $US480

Studio Ghibli is teaming up with Japan's Washin Optical for official Porco Rosso sunglasses. They're kind of expensive.

The glasses come in two variations. There is the "Period Piece Model", which is made like sunglasses were in the 1920s and '30s, which is when the anime takes place.

Porco Rosso Sunglasses, Yours for $US480

The lenses are made from glass, while the frame is "sun platinum metal", a compound that was developed in Japan during the 1930s that does not include platinum. The metal was used in round spectacles during that period and even was used in the glasses the Emperor wore.

Porco Rosso Sunglasses, Yours for $US480

While they do look good, these frames are silver, while Porco's frames look either gold or brass in the anime. Maybe the colour difference can be explained by Washin Optical's decision to use sun platinum metal?

Porco Rosso Sunglasses, Yours for $US480

The other is called the "Standard Model", which is made from a titanium frame and features plastic lenses. Like sunglasses today, there are plastic ear pieces and plastic nose pads.

Porco Rosso Sunglasses, Yours for $US480

The Period Piece Model is priced at 51,840 yen ($548), and the Standard Model costs 30,240 yen ($322).

Porco Rosso Sunglasses, Yours for $US480

和真 [Official Site]


    I was kinda expecting them to come with the snout...

    For that price if that case is not made out of pigskin I am dissapoint.

      Only so much Porko skin to go around!

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