Property Developer Busted For Pretending Sim City Screenshots Were A Real Thing -- UPDATE: We Were Duped

Imagine you are a property mogul. Imagine you want to head up a sexy new futuristic real estate project in Dubai. You could do the work: create the plans, get the concept art commissioned. Or you could bugger that right off and just use Sim City instead. Genius.

That's what Abdul Al Turk, the chairman of Visionary Property did — and he would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those pesky kids at a recent CityScape property event in Dubai, who totally spotted that the imagery for his 'project' was totally made up of Sim City screenshots.

By God, this is just too hilarious.

Abdul Al Turk had, in previous statements claimed he was working with "the world’s most renowned architects", but backtracked quickly once everyone realised that it was totally from Sim City. "[W]e’re still determined to make this iconic project a reality," he later stated.


Via Yahoo

UPDATE: Sadly this story was too good to be true. Sorry for misleading you. This story originated here and it turns out it's a satire site. Apologies.


    Every apartment has to have an active internet connection or it becomes uninhabitable?

      It's the perfect Communist society. Everyone just goes to the nearest available job, and then, when they go home, you just have to find the closest "open" house.

      I'd argue that a lot of tech-heads such as myself would agree with a house without an active internet connection is uninhabitable.

    Haha nice try Abdul

      Nooooooooo serrels now I have egg on my face and I don't like egg

    It's fake news.

    This is where the story is from:

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