Real Life Cars That Look Like They're Straight Out Of Fallout


    Why would you go fallout instead of mad max?

    "Look Like They're Straight Out Of Fallout"

    *Mad Max, which incidentally has a game coming out and would have made a LOT more sense as the video game tie-in.

      And fallout 3 & new vegas never had any post 'poc cars x3

      I remember the chryslus motors highwayman from fallout 2, does that count?

      Oh god a movie tie in, that doesn't sound promising :/

    Sure it's a gaming website but it's clearly based on Mad Max and not Fallout. The cars in Fallout where from the 50s and look nothing like this.

    ummmmm......pretty sure its mad max, what with the cars and people cosplaying as mad max stuff from all three movies......

    There were really so few vehicles in Fallout that you could drive. The Mad Max comparisons are more correct.

    Oh well, the author needs to play some Fallout for "research".

    As part of the new Kotaku continuity program forgot what it's called Patricia is meant to be the Fallout guru, I can't speak for previous fallout games on PC but as stated by many a player....I never once saw/drove a car in Fallout 3 or New Vegas and i totally agree definitely more a Mad Max thing and a side note bring on fury road that movie looks awesome

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