Real Life Mars Is Way Cooler Than Mars In Destiny

And that's no slight on Destiny. I love Destiny, I just love the fact that we have actual goddamn robots on Mars taking pictures of the actual planet of Mars right now. This is happening. In real life.

The above picture is in 'false colour' but man it looks cool.

Above is the original, unaltered image.

The following image is a picture of actual ice on Mars. Apparently most ice on Mars is temporary, but there are a few points (on the poles) that are permanent.

This is the Curiosity Rover's approach to what's now known as the 'Pahrump Hills' area of Mars.

The next pic is from an actual hole drilled into a mountain in Mars. GUYS WE'RE ON MARS FOR REAL.

This kind of stuff sincerely blows my mind.


    @markserrels, have you read The Martian by Andy Weir? It's such a good book, and it's being made into a film directed by Ridley Scott. Everyone should read it, but I think you'd really enjoy it.

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      Also 'Mining the Oort' if you're looking for good Mars sci-fi.

      I had the craziest dreams I've experienced in my life after reading this.

    And according to Sony and their partnership with NASA we'll be able to explore it for ourselves when Project Morpheus comes out.

      If there is no other way to do that other than buying a PS4, I'm buying a PS4.

    Yeah, sure, but does it have a loot cave?

      Nope and worse yet you gotta cross your fingers in hope that your post raid gear doesn't need relic iron :P

        Imagine if the first astronauts to go to Mars had played Destiny. "Dear diary. I'm highly disappointed at Mars. Too many reused textures and not enough loot. I hope NASA release a patch soon."

          "Dear NASA,
          I spent five days straight (w/out sleep) collecting these stupid blue rocks, when I get back to earth I swear to god if the Cryptarch isn't patched I will shank a bitch.

          Lots of love,
          Mars rover"

    My limited Terran brain cannot grasp the majesty of this achievement, but I get that this is a thing.

    And I'm guessing that ice is less of a thing than the rover actually finding a water source. I'm clearly not Science Guy.

    Where are the conveniently placed rocks I can use for cover? I'm starting to think Destiny may not entirely be factually correct.

    It still boggles my mind that we can send machines to other planets, drive them around the surface and then send back photographs.

    I have enough trouble just pointing my telescope in the right direction.

      Think of all that then realise that we as a species have not been back to the moon since like 1972. That fact seriously pisses me off more than anything. Fascinating to also look at all the failures before we started getting it right.

    Destiny's Mars is cooler. The real one looks like coober pedy, and that place is a hole!

      Yeah, but a hole where you can go sapphiring and fossicking and whatnot. :)

      I spent a few days in Whyalla for work a few years back - couldn't help but think that it was what a colonised Mars would look like.

    Looks like a bumpy ride on the sparrow with all those rocks.

    Mark I couldn't agree more. I tell MiniShady about this all the time and show him pics etc because it is truly amazing what this rover and others before it have done. That's one of the best parts about having kids, you can share this kind of stuff with them and they have the level of excitement and wonder that some adults are simply not capable of any more.

    The average gamer decries Destiny for lacking content. Yet we actually go to mars and it's completely empty and everyone is praising it!? Stay hypocritical, gamers!

    Disclaimer: this post should not be interpreted in any way other than complete sarcasm

    Art steals from real life... Mars is one of the only known planets populated entirely by robots. But one day, we aim to take it from them.

    Sign up to live on mars, they be sending some people to setup shop there within the next decade. That is unless the world economy collapses or something (since people eat money not food).....

    Man, Mars is so dry. I bet it must be REALLY HOT there!!!!

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