Remember This?

So we're on day three and no-one has gotten the answer yet. I'll give you a little clue and say that yesterday someone was very, very close.

But today I'm throwing in a little twist. Above is a portion of a new screenshot from the same game. Hopefully this will help kickstart some ideas. Someone's going to get it today. I know it.

The previous two clues are below...


    Total stab in the dark, Duke Nukem: Time to Kill?

    Red Faction 2 on the PS2.


    Thanks to @bibsta and @cffndncr for the hints yesterday.

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      Such a good game, didn't quite have the "mates on the couch sinking piss" factor that red faction one had, but it was a pretty good time. I remember getting disappointed that I had to skip all the cut scenes after not playing my copy for years and coming back to find it had been scratched to absolute buggery. Dat anti personnel gun.

      I remember thinking that game looked amazing, back in the day. Maybe that's just a bad example...

    Mark sits in his throne like office chair, stroking his pure white cat, it's eyes only half open, a content look upon its face. As he gazes at his monitor, he grins maliciously. The Remember Me guesses from his beloved Kotaku Aus community roll on endlessly, with nary a correct answer in sight...

    "I have them - THIS time, I have them!"

      Took too long to type that: Someone got it :P

    The Kotaku Aus user slumps in his chair, disapointment evident in his his forlorn expression. He was too slow. His attempt at afternoon humour ruined by a game savvy fellow user. With a click, he closes the browser window.

    "Next time... Next time"

    Half-life 2
    Halo CE or 2
    Chaser? (:P)
    Vampire the Masquerade?
    I'm not sure but it seems Source-ish...
    EDIT: Nevermind, I need to look at the comments.

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