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Man, yesterday was fairly — is it okay to say this word again? — 'epic'. People had been close. They'd skirted around the edges. It took a true hero in scrumptatoes to finally push through and guess correctly.

So congrats! It was Red Faction II.

I'd also like to give a big shout out to wa1dofoo whose series of comments at the end of yesterday's thread had me pissing myself laughing.

Anyways, good luck with today's effort and have a great long weekend everyone!


    Final Fantasy 8. Certainly looks FF-esque.

      First area outside Balamb garden and the town
      "have a great long weekend everyone!" - sans Victoria :(

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    Black and White
    because all the most likely FF guesses were already taken, it could be some of the scenery when fighting on the beach in FF8, it could be any number of locations on the map in FF9 though I am pretty sure it isn't FF7

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    Zelda ocarina of time

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's from the opening level of Pokemon Snap.

    Mario kart 64

    Google Says - Adobe Photoshop.

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    Pokemon Snap

      How freaking awesome would a Wii U version of this be???

      Nintendo, are you listening??

        I FREAKING LOVE Pokemon Snap but I don’t think it would hold up as a full-priced title in the modern day.

        People expect more than repeating the same levels over and over and if you added too many levels the game would get monotonous to finish.
        The funny thing is you could see 99% of the original game in the space of a 30 minute play through, if the game was a FPS they would have effectively rendered about 6 corridors!

        It was still a fantastic weekend rental though, going through over and over experimenting with the diffent tools to get the best pics. I downloaded it on the Wii and it's still fun to play today.
        If a new game was launched as a $20-$30 download I’d be all over it!

          I'd actually like to see an augmented reality version of Pokemon Snap for smartphones. I reckon that could work really well and be really really fun to wander around the city trying to catch all 151 Pokemon and get the best photo of them :-)

          Not sure exactly how you'd implement it but I'm sure the Nintendo boffins could come up with something.

            Holy shit... An oculus rift version would work so well with it. Cause you are sitting in a cart being moved around, taking away the motion sickness factor.

    Agreed, I was thinking 7 but looks very 8ish

    As if you don't get a partial credit for guessing Red Faction instead of RF2....

    I'm not even angry Mark... just disappointed.

    As for today... I want to say Interstate '76.

    Dragon quest 8?

    Also - thanks for the shoutout Mr Serrels!

    Pilot Wings?

    have a great long weekend everyone!

    @markserrels : This is Kotaku ,Australia, not Kotaku NSW..... Not all of us have a long weekend :-(

    *EDIT: So I just checked and apparently it's Labour Day on Monday everywhere except VIC and WA....

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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      Well you have a shit short weekend then.

      PS we've got man-footy on and your girl-footy is finished. So enjoy your EXTRA SHIT short weekend with no sport to watch except the UFC which is probably banned on TV in Victoria too because your Government is girls. I'll make sure I don't think of you when i'm 50 beers deep watching my man-footy on Sunday night because we all have our grand final on a Sunday night because we don't have to work on Monday like you do.

      PSS Nerny-ner!!!

        We had a short week this week so, neener neener neener ;)

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