Remember This?

Well there you go! Just when I think I've made it too easy, you prove me wrong! No-one managed to guess yesterday's Remember This, which completely surprised me. Not to worry, we have a second clue inbound.

And just for reference, here's yesterday's clue...



      99% sure. Can't find the exact pic (normally I can when someone guesses right!) but here's something close:

    Call of Duty: Underwater Warfare When Jellyfish attack.

    Google says: 3D Rotating Disco Ball

      Google says Rez for me

        Yes but the point isn't to ruin things for everyone, so I went to the next in line.

          Ahh.... well...... ermmm....

          I guess this is why I don't get invited to parties eh? ;-)

          [I figured it wasn't ruined as it was already guessed and discussed way up the top]

          Last edited 08/10/14 2:26 pm

            This is why we can't have nice things.

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