Remember This?

Okay dokey, yesterday's Remember This was tough. Pretty tough. Clearly you need a second clue!

Heads up: it's actually a relatively new game in the scheme of things!

Good luck. And here's yesterday's clue for reference.


    Obscure third person shooter?

      More like ambitious third person shooter with a supposedly great story marred with bad gameplay

    Biker Mice from Mars

      One day decoy, one day.

        took a hiatus for 2 months thanks to a new baby boy but i'm back. Was it biker mice from mars while i was away? That would have killed me. Maybe next time

      ohh hey welcome back mate :) I've missed the daily answer :) grats on the new baby. I wondered where you went off to haha.


    oops no its not that

    no idea

    Last edited 10/10/14 12:28 pm

    that hud looks very familiar but I can't tell what it is.

    Jet Force Gemini

      I was going to say this too, but google says otherwise. How I remember the game looking is very different to how it looked.

        Did the same thing, kida bummed... thought i had this one.

    It's Advent Rising baby, I bet my non-existent sandwich for today's non-existent breaktime that it's that game.

    I've played this.

    It's Oni


      I thought so too. A very bipolar game. First half was good, second half (finished by a seperate developer) was shit and rushed.

      edit: It's not oni. Hud doesn't match.

      Last edited 10/10/14 4:08 pm

      Thought so too at first, but it isn't.

      Made by Bungie before Halo. Mostly really good.

    I'd know that floor tile texture anywhere! Mark, did you get the idea for this because I improperly guessed "Oni" a few weeks ago? :)

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