Remember This?

Well I was right. It took two minutes for themikky to correctly guess that yesterday's Remember This was Escape From Monkey Island. Goddammit! I knew it was too easy.

I've decided to make today's Remember This stupidly hard as revenge.


    Half Life
    Soldier of Fortune
    Rise of the Triad

    Goldeneye 007 on the N64

      Well, I guess i'm not the only one to think that. I see your comment after I posted :/

    Final Fantasy VII or Shadow Hearts?

    Edit: It might also be Fatal Frame.

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    @Mark - I got an idea which might be cool on the site since you have a pretty good gaming community of all ages here. Why not make an alphabet game? Start with A, you come up with a game that starts with A that you know, played. Easy eh? Give us something to chew on though as you are not a noobie, maybe something like Archon - C64 - 1983? Actraiser - SNES - 90?

    Age in this game is beneficial :) then the community can post games up in comments. The objective is to not put something already posted by you or someone else. You could get a massive list of game names pretty quickly (and ppls experience), also may highlight games people missed that are worth tracking down/checking out?

    After game names, you could do characters? Levels? Arcade? Sequels? No, not sequels

    I saw the other day Kotaku is not going down the path of whats just new, that is great. This idea has plenty of back catalogues to go through to get ppl talking about the blasts from the past.

    I would do it but the community here seems far better than my circle

    just a thought

    Silent Hill 1?

    Splinter Cell.

    Metal Gear Solid 2

    I'm going to say 007: Nintendo 64, just because of the texture and the wired fence...

    Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

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