Remember This?

So a number of you managed to guess 'Spiderman' for yesterday's ScribbleTaku, but the first person to correctly guess Spiderman 2 was jupiterofthemonkey. Congrats on that!

Good luck with today's effort everyone!


    pilot wings n64

      Someone knows how to do reverse image search...

        Prepare the lawsuit! Let's sue Google for making this game too easy!

          that image has n64 all over it .. plus it helps when you own the game

          but thanks anyways @cffndncr what was your guess .....

            cffndncr seemed a bit mad to me (instantly jumping to the conclusion that you used google), but as I said, that doubt can't be avoided 'cos google.

            I preferred Haitakus (because I was better at those too).

    Hooray! Those skies remind me of final fantasy viii so that'll be my guess

      not just the clouds but the colour of the water

    Super Smash Brothers Melee

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    Hey mark i actually got spider man 2 yesterday

    Jettimon @jettimon
    October 22, 2014 9:43 pm

    Spiderman 2 (The Movie game on Xbox and PS2)

    While Jupiters was posted on 12:29 pm (Even though his was more accurate)

    Last edited 23/10/14 11:43 pm

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