Remember This?

How? How? I was certain that no-one would guess Friday's Remember This but NOPE. Someone got it. That someone was Claymore35, so well done. That was pretty ridiculous.

Good luck with today's effort you cheeky buggers.

I will. Break you.


    I don't know it, but @markserrels please record your face when you check through the comments later on and someone has got it right :P

      what was the last one???

        I don't know. I even looked for Claymore35 and couldn't find anyone by that name in the comments.

          super double dragon or something from memory. It is one of the top answers.

 That was fridays one, i think you might have been looking at thursdays

            Ah, I see now. I looked for the previous Remember This by going through the tags, but Remember This 645 didn't have the 'Remember This' tag.

      I second this motion
      Also please start doing so now before you scroll further down the page

    Kinda looks like a Duke Nukem 3D texture.

      It totally does, so just to be different I will guess Shadow Warrior.

      Or a Doom texture or something along those lines.

      Yeah, like maybe some of the tinted glass in the space station?

    Silent Hill

      Yeah my first thought too! I'm calling Silent Hill 2 on account of it not being completely blocky looking

    Looks like a Half-Life 1 wall texture kinda

    It looks like this game I played one time when the AV cables got disconnected. I think it was called "snow" or "static" or something along those lines !

    Da faq? As the time goes by, we will get only one pixel as a clue ! *giggles and vanishes*

    Really mark? I mean really?! This picture is so zoomed in I can practically count the pixels being displayed here! 0,0

    I call foulplay!

    At least post it without the jpg noise :)
    Half Life.

    Metal Gear Solid?

    Castlevania 64 or Castlevania Legacy of Darkness

    Last edited 27/10/14 12:49 pm

    Trick question Mark, this isn't even from a game. its a zoom in of the lower banner of the Kotaku website

    It looks like Heavy Rain, and I'm not even talking about the game...

    ... just a load of rain...

    It's GTA2

    [looking top down at the road].
    I'm fairly certain, anyway ;-)

      Holy sh.... totally looks like it. How did you... O_O

      Damnit, I spent all lunch thinking it looks like the road, but couldn't think of the game.
      You nailed [email protected]!

      Woah, how on Earth did you get that?

      ALL HAIL!


      Are you a wizard?!?!

        Glad I decided to put on my "Cloak of enlightenment vs Scottish +5" this morning ;-)

        Last edited 27/10/14 4:29 pm

    It looks kinda like the screen static in slender when slenderman rapes ur face. Edit: Just saw the post above this, yup its gta2.

    Last edited 27/10/14 3:24 pm

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