Remember This?

Well two people managed to guess yesterday's Remember This within minutes of each other. Congrats to sleazybuddha and Luke who both correctly guessed that yesterday's game was Dragon Spirit.


Good luck with today's effort! I doubt you'll need it.


    uuuughhh i want to say a snes game, gonna go with kirby
    *Just had a look at the clouds look nothing like that, dang

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    Or Bart vs the Space Mutants?

      yeah I think you right its a Simpsons game

      or Barts Nightmare

      My first thought was one of the simpsons games
      I'll go with Bart's nightmare as that was teh one I played the most

      Well since mickd went with Bart's nightmare I'll change to hit and run

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        Hit and Run was the sandbox one wasn't it? I loved that game. Shame my memory card corrupted my save when I was on the last level though. :'(

          Yeah, mostly around the driving from memory. Can't remember a lot of it but I remember enjoying it

        how many simpsons games were there?

          Quite a lot

            yeah thought so ... just need to list all the 16bit versions : )

              So around 25 or so

      It could be Virtual Bart. It's not the exact screenshot but it is very similar.

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      Looks really similar with the title screen

    I still can't believe that GTA-2 guess from Monday - that was epic

      Why thank you ;-)

    The Simpsons: Bart vs The Space Mutants perhaps. hmmm...although maybe the clouds were a bit...bubblier in that.

    I want to say Duck Hunt but I don't think that had clouds...

    I guess we all played Virtual Bart a lot then. DOH!

    Eesh. that looks familiar. I feel like I spent a lot of time seeing those clouds. Now that I've said that, it'll probably turn out to be something embarrassing.

    Alternatively, something Apogee circa (but not) Secret Agent, perhaps.

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    For some reason i thought it could also be road rash, do not type that into google images.

    Duck Hunt
    the bits at the bottom are the dogs ears

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