Report: Microsoft Sells 100,000 Xbox Ones In China

Report: Microsoft Sells 100,000 Xbox Ones in China

The Xbox One, the first official video game console to launch in China in 14 years, has started its console life in the middle kingdom with a bang! According to Chinese news sources, the Xbox One sold over 100,000 units within the first week of sales.

According to Chinese video games news site 17173, during an interview with the press, Shanghai Media Group vice-president Zhang Dazhong let slip that the Xbox One sold over 100,000 consoles. 17173 says that the number includes pre-sales from when the console first went on pre-order.

17173 reports that Zhang and Shanghai Media Group, the parent company of Microsoft's China partner BesTV, aims to sell over 1 million Xbox consoles in China by this time next year.

Since the news reports of consoles initial sales, Chinese news sites such as 17173 and Sina news have come out with headlines that speculate if the Chinese market is the saviour for the Xbox One in Asia. The console has been reportedly struggling in South Korea and Japan.

Kotaku has reached out to Microsoft for comment on the numbers and will update when possible.

The Xbox One was released in China on Monday September 29, two days before China's week long "golden week holiday." On top of the news regarding the number of sales, Chinese news site is reporting that since the console's release, Microsoft is also offering post sales service for import Xbox Ones. This kind of warranty service is similar to what Apple offers to its customers in China.

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    I guess Japan just became irrelevant for Microsoft. Lol

      MS found an asian market which doesn't know better. Pretty sneaky, sis!

        Doesn't know better? Japanese devs might not be making many XB1 games, but Microsoft already have chinese devs on board.

        Personally I'm surprised it did that well when you can buy a cheaper grey import XB1, which isn't region locked, and still set it to chinese.

      I think Japan was always irrelevant, and Microsoft knew that, but they're not going to ignore the country just because it doesn't sell like hot-cakes.

    I would not be surprised if this was "sold to retailers" double speak. Either way good on MS. Official support means Chinese devs may make great games which means HURRAH more games we want that may not get localised like Yakuza. :)

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