Saturday Night Live Sketch Skewers The Gap Between Gameplay And Story

Saturday Night Live Sketch Skewers The Gap Between Gameplay And Story

You’ve probably noticed it called out in some Grand Theft Auto, Uncharted and BioShock games: those moments where the emotions being presented to you in cutscenes or dialogue don’t match up with what the player’s being told to do. And while that issue has been a point of contention for many years, I wasn’t ever expecting Saturday Night Live to do a sketch about it. Much less a hilarious one.

Ludonarrative dissonance is the fancy, occasionally derided term for the gap between a game’s emotional underpinnings and what the person playing it needs to do to progress. And that phrase never gets uttered in this SNL sketch from the Sept. 27 Chris Pratt episode. But it’s clearly what the bit is homing in on. I know this is old in terms of internet time, but I just saw it tonight and felt I had to share it in case anyone was in the same boat as me and hadn’t seen it.

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        • I don’t know if I would have put it in those terms exactly. I’m glad to have seen it, it’s kind of a pain they don’t check first though.

        • Yea the copy paste from the US site is pretty pathetic. It wasn’t very good anyway, not really worth watching, let alone going to effort to watch.

          • It’s not a copy-paste from the US site, Evan Narcisse is a US author, not an AU author. Most of the articles from the US site are automatically posted to the AU site without any intervention from the AU authors.

            Unless you see a post from Mark or Logan or occasionally someone like Junglist, it hasn’t been done by the AU authors.

          • I’m sure he did not mean literal copy/paste as it’s pretty well known how the auto-posting works, even so it’s no less lazy overall. A simple tag from the American authors indicating an American only article that could be the filtered out on our end could be implemented. It probably already is seeing as there are a number of regular US articles that don’t get reposted on the AU site already.

          • Just wanting to make it clear it’s not the AU authors that are at fault for something like this, it’s the US authors.

            Mind you, the US authors probably have no idea that video content like this is blocked outside the US.

          • Yea sorry but they don’t appear until the lazy Australian editor clicks the crosspost button without reading the article. Otherwise they wouldn’t appear days later and with random articles never being crossposted, would they?

          • From what I’ve sen it’s usually the US authors that end up reposting something from the AU site days later.

          • It could be on a fixed delay, giving the respective sites some exclusiveness of the content. Especially since some US articles pop up at fairly odd hours, I doubt they’d be paying the over time just to have someone reposting articles.

      • “we noticed you are trying to access Hulu through an anonymous proxy tool”

        Nope, still cant watch it.

        • I use it all the time without issues for Hulu and Netflix, try clicking it in the toolbar and saying that server didn’t work and it’ll switch you to another. It does weird stuff sometimes, the main US Hola server seems to connect me to en-GB lol.

        • Meh, ASIO can EAD. I only use chrome for Hola anyway, don’t find it a particular good browser day to day, the only advantage is extensions.

    • Yeah seriously if you guys are just gonna keep reposting stuff from the US, at least make sure we can watch it.

      • Its not Kotaku AU reposting it, its Kotaku US. They don’t regionalize any of the articles they post, and any corrections made never make it to here unless a local editor does it.

        • Yea no, if it was Kotaku US, we wouldn’t see the articles days later, and have some pushed over and others not.

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