Screencheat Is Out Today

Screencheat Is Out Today

And bring it back Screencheat has. Coming out today on Steam, Screencheat is a game I have played and very much enjoyed playing. The central conceit of Screencheat is sort of genius: enemy players are actually invisible to you, literally the only way can locate their position is by screen cheating. Brilliant.

The end result is a clean, well-made arena shooter with a twist. The easy comparison is Goldeneye, but I found that a more accurate comparison was Mario Kart. Screencheat is the Mario Kart of first person shooters and I absolutely mean that as a compliment.

It’s not going to be the next Quake or Unreal Tournament. It’s not necessarily competitive in that way — it is at times, punishingly unfair! But it is a great little party game ala Nintendo Land or — again — Mario Kart. I fully recommend it.


  • I really miss local co-op games. You’d think with way larger TVs (and HDTVs at that) and current gen consoles gaming should be fully embracing splitscreen gaming. Diablo 3 on the current gen and Borderlands…struggling to think of anything else now that isn’t a sports game. More than annoying when my girlfriend has to buy a separate TV and PS4 to play Destiny in the same room (on the same couch)

    • I must say there are a lot of WiiU games that are multi player games on the same screen if you are interested in the style of games that Nintendo produces.
      My problem is the opposite that my partner isn’t interested in gaming so all those multiplayer experiences I enjoy, I never get to.
      never really embraced online multiplayer, it just doesn’t have the personality to it.

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