Shadow Of Mordor Adds New Epic Runes And Alternate Skin

Briefly: Shadow of Mordor is adding some new epic runes and an alternate skin that lets you dress up as Sauron's Black Hand, publisher Warner Bros announced today. Keep in mind you only look like the villain — you're not actually gaining evil powers. The free update is out now for the Xbox One, with PS4 and PC versions to come.


    So I'm really confused - I bought the special edition ($99) off PSN - the standard edition was the same price so I got the SE. It said it came with additional content and skins; but when I go into Play, the additional skins option is locked, and when I select the PS Store it takes me to some speed test DLC crap. Does this now mean the additional skins option will be unlocked? :/

      I was having that issue with my PS4 version also. You also have to link your PS4 to you WBPlay account I believe, but last time I tried it kept giving me an error.

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        Hey, thanks for the tip. I connected it to my WBPlay account, but the Change Skins and Trials of War are still locked. :< Anyone got any info? :(

    Not really interested in using skins since it reverts to default during the cut scenes. Combat is too fast paced and visceral to notice your outfit anyway :P

      If you're going into photo mode to take some screenshots, the extra outfits are cool. It just makes Talion look that much more badass.

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