Shadow Of Mordor Player Clears Out Sauron’s High Command In One Go

Shadow Of Mordor Player Clears Out Sauron’s High Command In One Go

Over 20 orcs, annihilated in one go. Holy shit.

This is the nemesis board, after all is said and done:

Granted, Schreckstoff had already killed some warchiefs prior to the clip above — the massacre is mostly bodyguards and captains. Still, given the amount of planning this had to take, it’s impressive to see happen — and indicative of the sorts of wild things you can do in Mordor, with a little patience.

So, how’d they do it? They explain in a comment on Reddit:

Among the last tier is an ability called dispatch, it kills all your controlled Uruks in your vicinity.

I spend hours getting every captain to level 20, sending them a death threats and making them bodyguards of my Warchief.

After summoning my Warchief I used dispatch to kill all of them at once 24 in total.

Dispatch, for those that don’t know, takes advantage of a player’s branded orcs. Branded orcs are orcs that fight for you. In any case, Schreckstoff explains further:

Among other things, after dominating [your orcs] you can keep sending them on missions, which I used to recruit other captains, sending a death threat raises the level by 5 and making them bodyguards does raise the level as well.

Afterwards you can just keep advancing time to level them, but that method is the most cumbersome and should only be used once you have all captains under your control.

I kind of want to see what sorts of ridiculous situations I can stage through dispatch and branding now too.


  • I just started playing this game last night. Guess I have to unlock a bit of stuff coz I have no idea what any of this means

    • I suggest doing the first 12 or so story missions ASAP to unlock a lot of these skills. I just got there last night, and it opens up a heap of new things you can do.

      • Righto, I think I’ve only done 2 or 3. Basically all I’ve done is run around the couple of zones I’ve unlocked the towers in, picking up the Mirian items and getting very distracted taking on Orc packs. Fkn loving doing that too!

    • I just started playing last night as well, also feeling a bit lost. Loving it though, happy to let the game sink in over time.

  • Has anyone else noticed that Warner Bros can’t seem to make up their minds on whether to price gouge us in Australia or not? When it first went up it was the same as the USA – $50 USD, then it went up to $90 USD or something, then earlier this week it came back down to the same as the US again, and now it’s back up to $67 USD. I mean, what the f*ck are they doing?

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