Someone Used A Raspberry Pi To Build A 'SNES'

Well, obviously it's not a real SNES, but it looks a lot like the US version of the Super Nintendo, and it plays just about every game you can imagine. Super Nintendo games, Mega Drive games, NES games, Atari games. It was created by Reddit user Angryspec as a little personal project and took six months to make.

It uses a Raspberry Pi model B as its main processor, but plenty of actual original SNES parts remain part of the design. According to Angryspec, he bought a couple of controllers and replaced certain buttons with SNES controller originals, giving him the look of a brand new controller consistent with his design, while retaining the unique feel of the SNES controller.

It uses ROMs as you might expect and a Dlink four port USB hub for the controllers — so that four player Super Bomberman can be played (good call). There is a HDMI port on the back.

Seriously, if you were to travel back in time and give this thing to me as an 11 year old, I think I might have just spontaneously combusted from the sheer excitement. Today? I am awash with a weird nostalgia and I just want one.

Chrono Trigger. Good choice.

You can find out more about how it was put together here.


    Will he sell them? I'd drop the cash on one in a heartbeat

    I've never been a huge fan of emulation over authentic hardware, but I got bored the other night and ran a SNES emulator on my Surface Pro 3 with a XBOX One controller. It might not look like a SNES but damn, the thing plays like a dream and looks fantastic on my TV via HDMI. Makes me wish I hadn't played all these games to death back in the 90's. =P
    Makes me wish Nintendo would release a Virtual Console tablet similar to a big Wii U game pad or that Razor gaming tablet.

      If you didn't play them that much back then there would have been a slight chance that the future you would balk at the old graphics. There's a chance. Never regret.

      Out of curiosity, which emulator did you use?

    to be honest, as far as mods with the raspberry pi go, this is pretty average
    just a snes chassis gutted and parts threw in and an emulation package, if you do a quick little google around just about every retro console has been done to death, mine at home is similar but has a intel NUC box put into a mega drive chassis so it has the guts to play some higher end stuff and retains the novelty of retro love.
    Still a good effort regardless

    You can put your Pi into one of my Retro Lego cases...that will increase the cool factor

    Yes, this is gratuitous self-promotion :)

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