Sony Publishes PS4 2.0 System Update Additions

Briefly: Sony has published a list of additions it's bringing to the PS4 with the upcoming 2.0 system update. A few neat things stand out, such as the ability to add a PS Plus game "to a PS4 owner's library without downloading it". Or shout "Find face!" at your console and have it respond. Read the full thing here.


    So, no quick resume? No USB video playback? I would think those are more important than themes!

      I think if you really sat down and thought about it you'd realise friend recommendations is much more important to you. =P
      I find it strange that they've got USB Music Player setup without a USB Video Player. I guess they didn't want to hold one back for the other.

        They qre still strongly hinting at implementing DLNA, so I guess they are focusing on that for video rather than usb playback, which wouldn't play mkvs anyway more than likely

          Well not really at this stage. The extremely restrictive USB music player where you can't even put the music onto the PS4, you literally need the music left on the USB in order to play suggests to me either Sony dosen't give a shit, the OS is hard to update or a combination of both.

            That doesn't make sense, there would be marginal more effort in changing the OS to play from usb to play from internal storage, more likely it's an intended inconvenience to still try and push their music unlimited service

              Possible for sure but when i stated that OS is hard to update i wasn't really referring to USB music player (i did not make it clear at all in my post) but the point i was making in my head was simply make the PS4 fully DNLA compliant and it would be almost a non-issue. But considering that we are getting these fantastic half-finished features like the USB music and we still have not heard a peep about absolutely BASIC features like decent UI sorting, ability to PAUSE and resume downloads, a message centre that dosen't suck etc... Makes me think either Sony dosen't care or it is hard to update.

            I can't imagine it's a particularly difficult system to update given so much of it was designed with the PS3s limited room for growth in mind. Plus it's not part of the core OS so it shouldn't be any harder than any other app.
            I'm guessing it's just part of Sony's usual mindset of focusing on matching features before implementing new features. In the past matching the Wii U's off screen play was a higher priority. Now the XBOX One has this stuff (mostly) sorted I'd expect the PS4 to get it relatively soon.
            With any luck this generation they'll actually try and one up each other as media players rather than being content with offering pretty much the same thing and then gloating over the minor differences. All it would take is one of them to offer some form of custom codec support and the arms race would take care of the rest.

            I suspect that part of the reason for this is to prevent people from loading known clear text onto the console's hard drive. No one created a general purpose crack for the PS3's hard drive encryption, yet people still managed to extract data via known cleartext attacks. Basically, they found that for each block of the drive, it was always XORed against the same mask no matter what was being stored there.

            So if you made an image of the console's hard drive, then plugged it back in and copied a large media file to it (say a film), you could then check which blocks changed to see where it had been stored. Since you know what is being stored there, you can then determine how the console encrypts those particular blocks. Repeat until you fill up the hard drive, and you'll know how to decrypt most of the hard drive. Now delete all of this media and install some games: since it will reuse some of these blocks, you can now determine the plain text version.

            By leaving the music on unencrypted external storage, you can't perform this attack via the music player.

      But theme support lets Sony sell you themes. Perhaps if you were okay with paying a dollar every time the console let you turn it off without losing your progress in a game they'd actually get the promised feature finished.

    Any word on when PS4 remote play for Xperia will be released?

    Enhancements to Live Broadcasting

    Still holding onto that stupid "Live From Playstation" app. Just give us a real twitch app so I can watch my fighting game streams on my TV without having to use HDMI out on my laptop.

    I'd (still) rather be able to change my PSN ID than look at pretty wallpapers.

    How about just giving us notifications to tell us when friends come online!? Something so simple and intuitive being left out this generation.

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