State Of Decay's 2 Million Sales Show We Still Love Zombies

Undead Labs' State of Decay may be on its way to the Xbox One, but at this stage it'll be (very welcome) gravy on top of an already tasty and successful meal. The developer recently announced that its zombie survival game has accrued over two million sales... and that's not counting DLC.

This stat is a combination of both PC and Xbox Live Arcade sales; sadly for those hungry for more details, separate figures aren't shown. That said, the game managed over 500,000 sales from Live Arcade alone and hit one million four months later with the help of an Early Access release on Steam.

What's remarkable about the number, at least from Undead Labs' point of view, is that the game had no marketing or advertising, instead relying on "playing and streaming and spreading the word". It's no secret that YouTube and Twitch are an ever-increasing resource independent developers are tapping into to promote their games and State of Decay is another reminder of just how important they've become.

TWO. Million. Sold. [Undead Labs, via MCV]


    Right now, I am wearing a t-shirt that says, "The hardest part about the zombie apocalypse will be pretending that I'm not excited." I shrug in the face of those who roll their eyes and groan, "Can we move on from zombies?"

    I never stopped loving zombies. Never will. And a general rule of thumb is that if you have zombies in your game, I am more likely to buy it.

      I played state of decay because its the closest to a zombie RPG I could find. But all anyones making is mindless hack and slash zombie games (telltale excluded). My favourite part of zombie games is the survival aspect. not the zombies themselves. Its the perfect setting for a good survival game/rpg.

    Yeah man, State of Decay is one of the few zombie games of late I actually enjoyed.

    Does it mean people love zombies or just good games? I can't stand the whole zombie thing but I know a good game when I play it. Sadly I haven't put much time into State of Decay though... like so many others.

    I would buy state of decay again if it came out on xbox one.


        OhhYeah Jumps up and does happy groin thrust dance....before I realize im still at work and ppl are staring

    It's just such a shame that there isn't a sequel on the cards for State of Decay - it's such a good concept, and well implemented for a downloadable title, that it is screaming for a full AAA version.

      Actually, Undead Labs now has financial backing from Microsoft and the sequel will most likely happen and will most likely be released for the Xbox One.

    State of Decay is probably the best zombie game released in recent years. Give it a story with The Walking Dead by Telltale Games's caliber, and you have the perfect zombie game.

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